What if the gate faces the range hood

The door faces the range hood, which generally means that the neighbor’s range hood faces the door of his own house. This situation is particularly common when the modern housing area is not very abundant

the gate faces the range hood, and the dirty gas discharged from the outlet of the range hood directly enters the room through the gate, which should be the entrance of anger. If the turbid gas enters, it will inevitably have an adverse impact on home transportation

therefore, in this case, the best way is to mediate with the neighbor’s house and ask them to slightly adjust the orientation of the range hood so that the air outlet of the range hood is not facing the door of their own house

if it cannot be changed, you can hang a mirror on the lintel of the door to reflect or diffuse the evil spirit, or set a porch or screen in the door to make the dirty air revolve here without driving straight into the room. This is also in line with the way of Feng Shui

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