How to decorate your home with five elements of color

The first is to directly affect the home planning through the law of the five elements. Putting the objects of five elements together is conducive to expediting transportation; Avoid putting the five elements together, because it will hinder house luck. Generally, metal equipment, sharp objects and sharp tools at home represent gold; Toilet, bathtub and pool represent water; Wood, furniture, books, vegetation and other representative trees; Stoves and electrical appliances represent fire; Sundries and ceramics represent soil

secondly, the layout of the house is affected by the corresponding relationship between the five elements and the orientation and color. The corresponding relationship between the five elements and the five directions and colors is as follows:

wooden house on the left, representing the East, with cyan

gold on the right, representing the west, with white

in front of the fire house, it represents the south, with red color

after Shuiju, it represents the north and is equipped with black

soil is in the middle, representing the center, with yellow

therefore, the layout of home color should be arranged according to the color and orientation of the five elements. For example, if the door is opened in the south of the house, it is suitable to put the red foot pad at the door; Another example is the house located in the East. The periphery is more suitable for pasting slightly cyan ceramic tiles

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