What’s the point of putting wedding photos

Generally speaking, a few wedding photos will be hung in the wedding room. For young people who are now pursuing fashion and alternative, although they are old-fashioned, they are still going on step by step. So, do wedding photos have anything to do with marriage? The answer is yes.

Wedding photos are usually hung in the living room or bedroom. At home, the north and West represent the husband and the southwest represent the wife. The wedding photo hung in the northwest of the hall represents the husband’s deep love for his wife, while the southwest represents the wife’s determination to regard her husband as a lifelong partner.

Some people put wedding photos at the head of the bed, which represents sitting on the mountain, and wedding photos at the head of the bed, which represents a good emotional life between husband and wife. It should be placed on the left side of the bed, that is, the green dragon position, which can make both husband and wife happy. However, the wedding photo cannot be placed on the right side of the bed, that is, the white tiger position, which will be detrimental to the marriage.

The best placement for wedding photos in the bedroom

From a feng shui perspective, the placement of wedding photos in the bedroom is important as it can influence the energy in the space and impact the relationship between the couple. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Position: Ideally, wedding photos should be placed on the wall that you see first when entering the room. This is because this wall is considered the most auspicious and can help to enhance positive energy.
  • Direction: The wedding photos should face towards the center of the room or towards the bed. This is because this can help to create a sense of unity and harmony between the couple.
  • Number: It’s not recommended to place too many wedding photos in the bedroom. One or two photos should suffice. This is because too many photos can be overwhelming and can create clutter that can negatively affect the energy in the space.
  • Framing: It’s best to use simple and elegant frames for the photos and avoid using frames with sharp angles or motifs that are too busy or distracting.
  • Placement of couple: When selecting the photos, it’s important to choose images that show the couple happy, loving, and looking towards each other. Placing photos that show the couple in a happy and loving pose further enhances the positive energy in the room.

By following these Feng Shui guidelines, you can create a harmonious and loving atmosphere in the bedroom that can positively influence the relationship between the couple.

The best placement for wedding photos in a living room

When it comes to the placement of wedding photos in the living room, there are a few guidelines to consider from a feng shui perspective:

  • Honor the Bagua map: The Bagua map is a key tool in feng shui, which lays out the different areas of your space and how they correspond to different aspects of your life. The south-west area of your living room is related to love and relationships, which makes it an ideal spot for displaying your wedding photos.
  • Choose the right wall: Wedding photos should be placed on a prominent wall, so they are easily seen and appreciated. Ideally, the wall should be opposite the main entrance to the room or near an area where people congregate, such as a seating or dining area.
  • Be mindful of frame material: When selecting a frame for your wedding photos, it’s important to choose materials that resonate with the wood element. This includes wooden frames or frames in natural colors such as green and brown. These colors support the energy of growth and expansion, which is favorable for a harmonious relationship.
  • Add lighting: Placing a source of gentle lighting, such as a spotlight or a lamp, next to the wedding photos can help to energize them and bring attention to them.

By following these feng shui guidelines, you can attract positive energy and create a positive and harmonious atmosphere in your living room while celebrating your relationship and love through your wedding photos.

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