How to choose tables and chairs in children’s room

1. Choose a desk

children’s desks are different from adults. To ensure the safety of children, it’s best not to use metal ones. The softness of wooden desks can make children feel close, so as to enhance the effect of reading. Four treasures of study can be placed on the desk to increase the atmosphere of reading. Placing crystal on the desk can weaken the radiation impact brought by the computer. Its mild magnetic field is conducive to the development of intelligence and make children get twice the result with half the effort

2. Desk placement

in order to facilitate children’s learning, a desk is often configured in children’s room. When placing the desks, we should first pay attention to the buildings outside the window. If the children’s desks are facing the roof, electric pole, water tower or alley outside the window, it is easy to cause children’s headache and affect their study

if the child’s desk is leaning against or facing the bathroom, or above or below the bathroom and stove, it will lead to the child’s irritability and lack of peace of mind to stay at home and study. In addition, both sides of the desk or rushing at the door behind the desk are ways to affect children’s dislike of reading, which should be avoided as far as possible. It’s best not to have tall furniture in front of the desk. The sense of oppression will make children uncomfortable and uneasy to study. Electric fans and lights should not be located directly above the desk. They press the desk, which is easy to make children feel stressed

3. Seat placement

in order to improve children’s academic luck, we should not only pay attention to the placement of desks in children’s room, but also pay attention to the placement of children’s seats. After all, they are all items that children need when they study every day. If the seats are placed incorrectly, it will also have an adverse impact on children’s studies

Feng Shui believes that children’s seats cannot be backed against the wall of the bathroom, because this is the place where the filth in the house is generated and gathered in large quantities, which will affect children’s luck. It is also not advisable to place the seat against the kitchen wall, because excessive anger will make the child irritable

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