Bedside decoration Feng Shui taboo

Bedroom accompanied by day and night bedside decoration Feng Shui , have you noticed? Sleeping with your bed against the wall is the most basic rule of sleep. The head of the bed is close to the head of the human body. It is most forbidden to have oppressive or messy decoration. Otherwise, it is difficult to sleep well, resulting in uneasiness and insomnia in serious cases

bedside decoration Feng Shui

bedside decoration Feng Shui Collection

the bedside hanging picture is too large, you can’t be careless. The hanging picture on the bedside can’t be too large. The bedside hanging picture can add the elegance of the bedroom, but it’s better to be light and short. It’s best to avoid heavy and large frame pictures, Balance of safety and beauty. It is not suitable to hang a picture with black tone or too dark color at the head of the bed, because such a picture looks heavy and depressing, which makes people depressed, pessimistic and lack vitality. It also makes you unable to sleep well every night, which is inseparable from the tragedy of insomnia every day. It is not suitable to hang the sunset or messy and inexplicable pictures

flower arrangement at the head of the bed is prone to peach blossom and excessive peach blossom, especially in the room of married couples. Putting flowers at the head of the bed for a long time is easy to lead to the two people’s seemingly close relationship and even have an affair, and finally the family is broken

ceramic appliances, wood carving products, giant folding fans, sheepskin ox horns and other handicrafts should not be placed or hung near the head of the bed

the head of the bed should not be opposite to the beam. According to the view of residential Feng Shui, it is unlucky that there is a beam in the room. It is advisable to install another ceiling to cover it, not only the bed. The head covering is against the beam, and there is always a sense of depression in the subconscious, which is bound to affect the psychology, so it should be cautious

avoid facing west at the head of the bed! The ancients regarded the West as ” Paradise ” , It is a place to yearn after death. Even from a modern scientific point of view, it is also inappropriate. Cover the west of the sunset, the earth rotates from east to west, and the head sleeps from west to west. For a long time, it is easy to cause blood to rush to the ear

being close to the toilet at the head of the bed will affect sleep. There are many nightmares, affect the exertion of intelligence, physical backache and back pain. Things are not smooth, with a head without a tail, and often bullied by villains. Emotional luck is changeable, talkative and turbulent. Business failed and wealth gradually declined. The husband and wife turned against each other. Students don’t like learning. If the five elements of the azimuth rush to the life Bureau, the ferocity will increase

the bed at the head of the bed is close to the kitchen. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it means breaking the back evil spirit. It mainly affects the host’s body (head and hard work). If you hit the five elements ” Like to use ” ; If it happens to be committed in the same position as the kitchen, it will be more fierce. Over time, it is easy to cause diseases. If the kitchen is located in the five elements of peach blossom in chongke life Bureau, it will inevitably have an adverse impact on marriage or feelings, and finally make the home restless

the bed whose head is close to the window means that there is no backer from the perspective of Feng Shui. It mainly affects the host’s body (head and hard work) and going out to do business. For example, going out to do business is always not smooth, the reason is unclear, or the reason becomes unreasonable, and people often talk behind it. If the window position is to hit the favorite position of the five elements or the positive peach blossom position, it will inevitably have an adverse impact on marriage or feelings, leading to suspicion between the two sides and distrust each other in the end

the bed of the bedside back door, analyzed from the perspective of Feng Shui, means to commit back Qi evil. It mainly has an impact on the luck of the host. There are signs of Yin prosperity and Yang decline between husband and wife, and it is easy to have the imbalance of wife taking charge of more affairs or wife oppressing her husband. Physically, it’s bad for the kidney and lungs. It’s also easy to make villains behind your back. For men and women who are in love, it is easy to be restrained by each other. If there is suffering, it will inevitably have an adverse impact on the feelings of both sides over time

” Yin and Yang start in a couple” ; Bedside decoration Feng Shui is related to the happiness of husband and wife and family harmony. You should pay attention to it

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