Feng Shui taboo in residential living room

Feng Shui taboos in the living room let us know how many points? Feng Shui taboos in the living room. We should be serious about these points. In this way, we can avoid the bad impact of bad feng shui on us. Let’s take a look at Feng Shui taboos in the residential living room

don’t set it at the back of the residence

in fact, for the living room, what you see when you enter the door is the living room. For those who violate the bedroom, they are all at the back of the house, and don’t reverse the use of space. If the living rooms are directly at the back of the residence, it is a pattern of returning money, It makes the family decline in wealth

it should not be located in the basement

the basement is actually a place that exists in many families. If it is a living room, it is a place for the family to relax, and it is a place for guests to visit. The light in the living room should be sufficient and good, and the air should be well circulated, while the light in the basement is bad, and the air is also bad, If the living room is directly in the basement, it will lead to the destruction of the residents in the economy, and even affect the health of the residents

because the living room is a place for gathering prosperity, it should be stable in the living room, and the living room should not be designed in the moving line, otherwise the people walking around are frequent. So it’s all because the family party or the visit of guests are disturbed, and even the owner of the residence affects his career and interpersonal relationship

the living room with small area should not be in the channel security door

in fact, if it is a living room with small area, it is not suitable to be designed in the channel security door. In fact, these also make the living room look more far-reaching. If it is narrow, it will affect the circulation of air, and many will have a bad impact on the living room, Feng Shui is also directly affected

the problem of wires in the living room

in fact, the wires in the living room will not be exposed in the living room, but some people will expose the wires in the living room more. If they are outside, they will lead to chaos and even affect the walking of people at home. In addition, they are easy to trip, and the wires should be hidden or handled well, In this way, the living room will not look too messy

problems with electrical appliances in the living room

in fact, many people will like to place a lot of electrical appliances in the living room, including TV dramas, audio and so on. In fact, things that use electricity are bad for the human body, and electromagnetic fields are bad for the health of the human body. Moreover, some ordinary electrical appliances in the family have little impact on the human body, However, if it is some hair dryers or vacuum cleaners, the electromagnetic field is bad for the human body, which will lead to the rapid loss of human strength. We should pay attention to this

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