How to decorate Feng Shui in the study

The study environment should be quiet and less interference, but it does not have to be private. If all rooms are on the same floor, it can be arranged outside the private area or in a separate room next to the door

if it is a suite with the bedroom, it is more suitable in the outer room. Reading can not affect the rest of the family, and reading activities often continue late into the night. In the middle, you have to have a late night snack and go to the bathroom, so you’d better not pass by the bedroom

the advantage and characteristic of the compound structure is that it is treated by layers without affecting each other. In such a room, it is most appropriate to choose a separate floor as the study. For example, the quiet three storey attic, the lovely slope top, the small skylight, and the spiritual freedom are like the blue sky

for villas built separately, the combination of outdoor environment and indoor environment is the focus of consideration. The study should not be close to the road and playground. It’s best to arrange it at the back, facing the elegant and gorgeous back garden, and let the natural whisper accompany you to read

internal pattern

the space in the study mainly includes collection area, reading area and rest area. For the study of 8 ~ 15 square meters, the collection area is suitable to be arranged along the wall, the reading area is arranged by the window, and the rest area occupies the remaining corner. For the large study with an area of more than 15 square meters, the layout is much more flexible. For example, the circular rotatable bookshelf is located in the center of the study, there is a large rest area for many people to discuss, or there is a small reception hall


the study should try to occupy a room with a good orientation. Its natural daylighting is more important than the bedroom. Reading is relaxing and nourishing, and it is best to blend with nature

the position of the desk is closely related to the position of the window. First, the angle of light should be considered, and second, the glare of the computer screen should be avoided

artificial lighting mainly adheres to the principles of brightness, uniformity, nature and softness without any color, so it is not easy to fatigue. Local lighting shall be provided for key parts. If it is a bookcase with a door, a lamp can be hidden in the laminate to facilitate the search of books. If it is an open bookshelf, spotlights can be installed above the ceiling for layout and lighting. It’s very important to increase the light and dark angle of the desk lamp. It’s very important to choose the best time to read

the study is a place for reading and learning. No matter children or parents decorate the study with cultural atmosphere, they are willing to study and think in it

the layout principle of the study is to be conducive to cultural learning, quiet and harmonious, sunny and free from other interference

  1. The study is well ventilated

  2. The study should be well lit, but not directly exposed to the sun. Direct exposure makes the reader upset and unable to concentrate on learning. The light is mainly soft tube lamps

  3. The desk should not be facing the door, because the opening and closing of the door will affect the attentive learners

  4. The desk should not be directly facing the window, because in addition to the direct sunlight, the wind in the window and the interference outside the window distract the study

  5. The desk should be in a quiet and elegant place, so that people can concentrate on their study without distractions

  6. The study should not place electrical appliances, such as TV, stereo and so on. Of course, the computer used for learning is OK

  7. The layout of the study is dominated by bright colors. Make you feel happy and inspired

  8. It’s best to lean behind the desk to avoid a sense of insecurity. It’s best to have a back chair, which can reduce fatigue

  9. Toys with too large swing spokes should not be hung in the study

  10. Animal bones, ox horns and sheep’s heads should not be hung in the study

  11. Pictures of ripped, broken belly, ghosts and violence should not be hung in the study

  12. Too bare pictures should not be hung in the study

  13. Four treasures of study should be placed: pen, ink, paper, inkstone, and clock to remind time

banners should be hung to urge learning, which can be names, embedded couplets and shipping seals, such as ” There is a road to the mountain of books, diligence is the path, there is no end to learning, and hard work is the boat ” ;. You can also write your own words that can urge you to learn, such as: ” Try hard! Do what you do today ” ; Wait

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