Taboo of gate layout

There is no doubt that the surrounding geographical environment has an impact on a person, and Feng Shui has a great impact on a person’s fortune

the house people live in is a part of this environment. The specific landscape form and decoration design in the house can directly affect the career and life of residents. In essence, Feng Shui is a means of pursuing the harmonious integration of man and the environment. It achieves the transformation and influence of the home environment through some established rules and taboos

for each functional area of the home, how to carry out the most reasonable configuration and design requires careful thinking before the results can be obtained. Feng Shui provides us with some ways and methods of residence layout, including the specific orientation of the house, the layout of the whole pattern, the entrance and passage of the house, the orientation of ventilation, daylighting and heating, and the appropriate arrangement of kitchen and bathroom

although Feng Shui may not be the most important influencing factor for home design, we can also use the wisdom and philosophy of Feng Shui to improve the living environment closely related to us

door refers to the entrance and exit of a building. The gate is the face of a house. If it is a clean and solemn house with a gate, it will naturally be respected by the outside world

door is not only the separation between a family and the outside society, but also the face of the family. A family must pass through the door of the home every day. It is the most important entrance and exit of a home. For residents, the gate is an embodiment of identity

I. the orientation of the door and the color of the floor mat

many families like to lay a floor mat in front of the door, which can reduce the probability of people bringing the dust outside into the house. At the same time, the appropriate floor mat is also an important factor affecting the luck of the house. Because the same color has different attributes, if the orientation of the door matches the color of the floor mat, it will add more luck to home life

  1. The door faces east and northeast ” mdash” mdash; It should be matched with black floor mat

  2. The entrance is facing the South and Southeast ” mdash” mdash; It should be matched with green floor mats

  3. The door faces west and southwest ” mdash” mdash; It should be matched with yellow floor mat

  4. The door faces north and northwest ” mdash” mdash; It should be matched with milky white floor mat

II. taboos at the gate

1 The area outside the door should be clean and bright. When the gate is opened, the sight range should be bright and tidy. Do not stack any obstacles at the gate, so that there is a space for free movement. People will feel comfortable and unobstructed when entering and leaving the gate every day. If sundries are stacked at the gate, the space will become narrow, which makes people feel uncomfortable. There are some gates that are originally small in the design, which can be effectively adjusted visually by setting some lights or decorating a little light color at the gate

  2. The gate cannot face the elevator. If the elevator is just facing the door of the house, it is difficult to ensure the privacy of the home. There is always a feeling of being secretly monitored by others when entering and leaving the door, which will affect the quality of home life to a great extent. At the same time, the up and down elevators also form a constantly cutting magnetic field, which will disturb a person’s normal life atmosphere, which will naturally affect the health and fortune of residents

  3. The door cannot be directly opposite to the window, back door or toilet. Doors and windows are a channel for the house to regulate qi and an opening to let air flow in and out of the room. According to Feng Shui ” Don’t rush, like whirling ” ; In principle, the door can not be connected with the indoor windows and back doors in a straight line, because such a situation is not conducive to the accumulation of air flow in the whole house, which means that there is no way for wealth to accumulate. In addition, the toilet is a space full of filth, so the door should not be directly facing it

  4. The gate should not be straight to big trees, dead ends, fire lanes or triangular streets. If there is a big tree standing at the gate of your home, it is not good, because the big tree often brings in some excessive Yin Qi. Therefore, it is not suitable for a big tree to rush directly at the opening of the gate. The gate cannot face the dead end without exit, fire lane or triangular street, which are places with heavy Yin and waste gas. The gate cannot face a big mountain or the gorge of the mountain. The mountain will hinder people’s sight, and the gorge is like a trap. It’s certainly bad for a person to often face the trap

  5. The gate should not be too narrow. The gate is an air vent of the house. Of course, the air vent can not be too narrow. If the front door is wide, it can be called Mingtang open, which is conducive to the development of the owner’s studies and career

  6. Facing the chimney, it is not suitable to open the door. Usually, what is discharged through the chimney is dirty gas and waste gas, which are very harmful to people’s health. Similarly, it’s not good to have a chimney outside the balcony or window

  7. The gate should not face the corridor or passage. The gate is not suitable to face the corridor or passage. If the depth of the gate is less than the length of the corridor, it is considered not suitable. The screen can be set during interior decoration, so as to receive the effect of changing the door. If the selected house is on the first floor and the gate is just facing the road in front of the door, some ring trees or flowers can be planted to resolve the bad luck

  8. There should be three views at the beginning

(1) open the door and see the red. It is also known as being happy to get to the point, that is, as soon as you open the door, you can see the red walls or red decorations. When you look at it, it is full of red light and jubilant, giving people a warm and exciting feeling

(2) open the door to green. As soon as you open the door, you can see green plants. They are not only full of vitality everywhere, but also have the effect of nourishing and brightening your eyes

(3) open the door and draw. This is also a good layout. On the one hand, it can reflect the quality and self-restraint of residents. On the other hand, it can also alleviate the sense of haste after entering the door

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