Decorative effect of glass

Many young people who like to catch up with fashion like to add some glass elements to the home decoration, whether from the glass porch at the entrance, the glass floor tiles in the living room, and the glass toilet in the master bedroom. Therefore, glass plays a more and more important role in modern home decoration. However, what kind of metaphysical significance does glass have in house Feng Shui

1. glass partition should not be

when some families decorate their houses, they usually like to break down the solid cement wall between the bedroom and the living room, and then replace the original wall with glass. They think this is visually conducive to expanding the sense of space of the whole room, and this decoration is also very fashionable and will not give people a sense of compliance

however, the glass itself has a kind of dark light, which is not suitable to be placed anywhere, so we should pay more attention to it at home. For example, the partition wall between the living room and the bedroom is made of glass, because the permeability of glass will give guests a panoramic view of the bedroom after entering the living room, which is very inappropriate

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the living room is the area used to entertain guests in the family, belonging to Yang, while the bedroom is only the resting place of the homeowner, belonging to Yin. If glass walls are used between the two, the two rooms will become a sight through pattern. People’s every move goes into each other’s eyes without reservation, leaving people without privacy. This situation will cause the imbalance of yin and Yang, Once there is an imbalance between yin and Yang, it will make people emotionally unstable and mentally trance

II. glass toilet indecent

in order to create a romantic atmosphere at home, some young couples usually like to knock off the toilet wall in the main bedroom and change it into a glass toilet, believing that this can increase the interest between husband and wife. For this pattern, some experts said that although this design is acceptable to some young people, it is not appropriate from the perspective of Feng Shui, because the toilet is a place with peculiar smell and belongs to Yin, so it should be hidden. Therefore, solid walls should be used instead of transparent glass walls

III. unstable glass floor tiles

using glass as floor tiles is still relatively rare in ordinary families. It mainly appears in the design of some luxury foreign houses or duplex villas. In order to show the noble status of homeowners, some people choose to use glass floor tiles as a kind of decoration, that is, lay a layer of glass floor tiles on the floor of the living room or room, and make various patterns on them for decoration

according to Feng Shui experts, because glass itself is completely transparent, it can’t make people produce ” Down to Earth ” ; The feeling of will make people lack a sense of security. Moreover, the floor of any family living room or room must be stable. Therefore, glass floor tiles are not suitable for installation and use at home

IV. glass wall decoration can’t be on the bed

glass wall decoration is also a kind of decoration method that home decoration designers like to use in recent years. On the one hand, it can effectively expand the sense of space of the whole house; on the other hand, it is rich in changes and often brings some unexpected surprises to people. Some experts believe that glass wall decoration is acceptable, but one principle is not suitable for bed

in addition, the glass wall decoration must be placed against the solid wall, and do not let the virtual reality of your space be unknown. Finally, we should also remind you that when decorating the house, the glass decoration in the home should not be used too much. How to use it depends on the structure of the house first, because different room knots have different opinions

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