How to resolve the bad feng shui in the bathroom

The toilet is the main source of filth in the house. If it is set in an improper position, it will easily bring bad feng shui

1. If a member of the family is born in the unitary year, or there is a girl in marriage, it is also a bad sign that the bathroom is set in the West

2. The orientation of the toilet should not conflict with the birth year of the owner of the house

3. The sitting direction of the toilet is consistent with that of the house, which is also fierce, which may lead to the weakness and disease of the human body represented by the mountain direction

4. The toilet is adjacent to the altar, which is also a pattern of ferocity

in residential Feng Shui, the ferocity caused by the toilet will lead to many diseases. In order to avoid, it is best to set it in the East, Southeast or northwest of the house. If not, it needs to be transformed

when reconstructing the toilet, the following positions should be avoided: 15 degrees in the North Center (the range of sub), 15 degrees in the North East (the range of ugly), and 15 degrees in the Northeast Center (the range of Gen). If the toilet cannot be changed; The urinal or toilet needs to be moved and must deviate from these directions

in order to defuse the ferocity, you can also put a small plate of salt and small potted plants on the windowsill of the bathroom window. The energy released by both can also avoid the ferocity

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