What kind of plants are placed in the restaurant to increase family transportation

The restaurant is a symbol of health, happiness and prosperity. Beautifying the environment here can make people get more wealth while enhancing their health. A little green will bring infinite vitality, such as potted plants, hanging flowers, begonias, Christmas flowers, etc., which can inject life and vitality into the restaurant and add a happy atmosphere. In addition, the hanging basin plants with color changes can also be placed in the direction of wooden to gold line ” mdash” mdash; West and northwest

healthy and lush plants are the collection of Qi, which can bring endless energy into the home

flowers in full bloom represent luck and can promote people’s desire. When you are shopping for plants, pay special attention to the shape of leaves. Some kinds of plants, especially those with pointed leaves, produce toxins or bad atmosphere, commonly known as ” Bad feng shui ” ;. It’s better to choose round plants with juicy leaves and stems because they have attraction ” Good omen ” ; Potential energy. Artificial flowers can produce less effect, but they can still be used if they can be kept clean and tidy for a long time. When you can’t keep plants and flowers healthy and have enough water, it symbolizes malaise and misfortune

in the field of Feng Shui, plants have other functions, such as helping to stimulate Qi stagnant in the corner to activate collaterals; It can soften the Yang generated by sharp, sharp and angular objects. In addition, placing plants in areas that lack sufficient energy can activate the orientation and make the room wider. Plants can also neutralize sharp and decompose toxins. If you plan to put plants indoors to ease the sharp and rough furniture, late cherry plants such as Japanese late cherry are the most ideal. They have the shape of lanterns and represent good luck

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