Beware of Feng Shui in the bedroom that can affect health

there is a beam passing right above the bedroom

if there is a pattern of beams and columns passing right above the bedroom or the door, this is called chuanxinsha in Feng Shui. This pattern will also make the living heart feel very depressed. In fact, your career development is not smooth, and you are also prone to respiratory and heart problems, You can also hang some mascots inside and outside the door, so that you can stop the evil spirit and keep peace

there are too many electrical appliances in the bedroom

many people put televisions, computers and even stereos in the bedroom in order to make life convenient, but you don’t know that if there are too many electrical appliances in the bedroom, it will actually have a great impact on people’s health. First of all, radiation is a problem. If there are too many electrical appliances in Feng Shui, it is easy to form a fire house, This is bad for people’s health. It is suggested that we should put less electrical appliances in the bedroom, especially those with the TV facing the foot of the bed. It is better to unplug the power when we don’t use it

the bedroom is directly opposite to the toilet door

because the toilet itself is water with five elements, and Yin Qi is relatively heavy. If you are in this environment for a long time, it is easy to suffer from Yin Qi, and your waist and kidney are uncomfortable. If the bedroom is directly opposite to the toilet door, you can also place several pots of indoor plants in the toilet or at the door of the toilet, Placing a screen between the bed and the toilet can also block the cold and humid air, which will directly hit the head of the bed

there are too many plants

although many people say that placing plants in the bedroom is conducive to air conditioning, from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is not suitable to place too many plants in the bedroom. The plants themselves are negative. Placing too many plants in the bedroom will also lead to excessive moisture in the bedroom and health problems. Their own Yang will make people feel very prosperous, If the moisture of plants is too heavy, it will be inhibited, so it’s better to have fewer green plants

shape and size

the shape and size of the bedroom will have a direct impact on the owner’s health. If the bedroom is not square or rectangular, it will easily make people feel nervous, insecure, unstable to sleep, poor sleep quality, people’s health will slowly deteriorate, and the size of the bedroom can’t be too large or too small, If it is too big, it will appear that the bedroom is empty, and Feng Shui has no way. It radiates to the whole. Naturally, it cannot play a role. The size will make the heat feel oppressive, and it is difficult for people to concentrate

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