What should Feng Shui pay attention to when decorating the old man’s room

Many families live with the elderly. As descendants, what we need to do is to let the elderly live in a comfortable environment so that they can live in peace in their old age. Therefore, what should be paid attention to when decorating the elderly’s bedroom in Feng Shui

the light color is suitable

in itself, the eyesight of the elderly is not particularly good. No matter whether it is too dark or too bright, it will bring a lot to their life, which is not better than that there, because the light in the elderly’s room also needs to be selected appropriately, and the second is the matching of colors, On the walls of the room or when we choose household and large daily necessities, we can choose some colors with large color difference. It’s best not to choose a single same color furniture, and it’s best not to choose some cold colors, such as water white or cyan white, which is not suitable, so as to avoid any identification difficulties for the elderly at home and a depressing feeling

mainly help

at home, many elderly people’s legs and feet are not very convenient, so the indoor furnishings and layout of the elderly’s room are as convenient as possible for the elderly. We can also choose carpets or cloth curtains to decorate the bedroom, which can also absorb the problem of noise and create a clean environment, It can also prevent the elderly from falling down. Try not to choose too complex household products in the room, and it is better to choose simple functions. For example, it is better to choose shoe lifting device or plantar massager, and it is not suitable to choose mellow and sharp ones

elaborate decoration

the most important thing for the elderly is the problem of health, so we can also put some paintings that are helpful to health, auspiciousness and longevity in the elderly’s bedroom, such as calligraphy and painting of mountains, rivers, flowers and birds and jewelry of some longevity stars, which can give positive psychological hints to good people at home, The best thing for the old man’s room is not to put some sinister or sinister modern paintings and ornaments, especially some ornaments such as swords or bows and crossbows, which are actually more detrimental to the geomantic omen in the bedroom, and never put them in the old man’s room. The old man’s room is more suitable for evergreen plants such as evergreen, and those plants with thorns are not suitable for us

skillfully set the orientation

the elderly’s room itself is particularly sunny, and it feels very fresh and natural. Therefore, the rooms in the southeast and south of the bathroom are actually the most suitable for the elderly’s room, while the cold and humid problems in the northwest and North will easily affect the elderly’s health. It’s best to pay attention to it

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