Where is the best Feng Shui location in the study

The study is a place for one to study and work, so it needs a calm and stable environment

therefore, the study must be far away from noisy places such as kitchen and living room. Traditional Feng Shui believes that the study is related to the development of one’s career. It’s best not to set it in Wenchang

the ancients believed that the South was the master of literature and art, so it was very suitable to use a room facing south as a study. However, the room facing south has strong sunlight, which will have a negative impact on people’s mood, so they can’t concentrate on their study. Therefore, the room facing south is not suitable for a study. If the study is set in the south, you can use curtains and other things to adjust the indoor light,

the study should be far away from the noisy positions such as kitchen and living room, and it is best to set it in Wenchang

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