Feng Shui common sense of small duplex house decoration

Small duplex buildings are different from ordinary buildings. There are many matters needing attention in the decoration of duplex buildings, and the stress of Feng Shui decoration will be relatively complex. If you buy a duplex building, you need to pay more attention to the decoration! In that case, you might as well learn some common sense of Feng Shui in the decoration of duplex buildings

the decoration should distinguish the primary and secondary

in the small duplex building, the use, arrangement and decoration of space area is a very important link, and when we decorate the small duplex building, we must distinguish the primary and secondary! What is ” Primary and secondary ” ; And? For example, the space of the master bedroom must be larger than that of the second bedroom. For example, the space area of the living room must be larger than that of the bedroom, so that the primary and secondary are clear. If the area of your master bedroom is larger than that of the living room, it will only be unfavorable to the feng shui of the living room and the feng shui of the whole building, thus affecting the development of the family; Or the space of your second bedroom is larger than that of the master bedroom, which will only reverse the primary and secondary, resulting in the lack of respect and filial piety of the younger generation at home. Therefore, in small duplex buildings, the decoration must pay attention to the primary and secondary, and the decoration with clear primary and secondary is in line with the stress of Feng Shui

stairs should not be designed in the central palace

in small duplex buildings, stairs are essential. We all know the so-called ” Duplex building, It refers to a building with two floors and three floors connected together. In such a building, stairs are very important. They are an important channel connecting up and down the stairs and are related to the circulation of home gas field. Therefore, you must understand the common sense of stair decoration! Feng Shui believes that the stairs should not be designed in the central palace, that is, the position of the stairs can not be located in the middle of the duplex building! Why? You should know the location of the central palace and pay attention to cleanliness and quietness; The staircase is a passage for families to walk around, and the gas field is doomed to be unstable. In this way, it will only affect the feng shui of Zhonggong, thus affecting the feng shui of the whole duplex building! In addition, the staircase is located in the central palace, which can easily affect the emotional harmony of the family and lead to constant quarrels among the family. It can be seen that such decoration has a lot of influence

decoration design of chandelier

in small duplex buildings, the decoration of ceiling is also very important! Many people like to hang a very tall lamp in the living room. Such decoration can really bring a different feeling to the duplex building, but the decoration of chandeliers also needs to pay attention to Feng Shui! First of all, we should pay attention to the shape selection of chandeliers. We can’t choose drop shaped chandeliers. Such chandeliers will form bad Qi, which is not conducive to the health of our family! In addition, if the chandelier exceeds 5kg, it is necessary to do a good job in protective facilities, mainly in terms of load-bearing

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