Does the broken gate affect Feng Shui

The quality of residential feng shui will affect home luck and the luck of everyone in the family. Therefore, if you want to make your family have good luck and make their life better, you need good enough Feng Shui support. Many old houses may be in disrepair for a long time. In fact, many furniture are dilapidated. Of course, the door will be particularly dilapidated. If the door of the house is damaged, it can continue to be used. The door is a necessary furniture for a family. If there is no door at home, it is absolutely impossible from the perspective of reality or Feng Shui. The damaged gate will have a bad impact on people., So what problems will damage the residential Feng Shui? Does the broken gate affect Feng Shui

  1. There are dirty things on the gate

for example, there are oil stains, stains, soil, even bird droppings, dog urine and other filthy things on the gate, which will damage the Feng Shui gas field of the gate. In the introduction to Feng Shui, it is believed that these things on the gate will produce filthy gas, and the emergence of filthy gas will seriously affect the indoor Feng Shui gas field, lead to the infection of the indoor gas field and endanger the luck of family transportation

  2. The door is damaged

if there is damage on the door, such as cracks, missing corners, or paint falling off, it will damage the Feng Shui gas field of the door, resulting in poor Feng Shui gas field entering the room. In this way, the family’s luck will be affected, resulting in the decline of the family’s luck. The family is always in bad luck, and may even attract some bloody disasters, Put yourself or your family’s safety at risk

  3. The size of the gate is inconsistent with the residence

the size of the gate needs to be consistent with the residence as much as possible. The larger the residence, the larger the gate needs to be used, while the smaller the residence, it is not suitable to use too large gate. In Feng Shui, it is believed that if the house is too large and the door is too small, it will lead to insufficient Feng Shui gas field entering the room and can not fill the whole house. After a long time, it is not conducive to the indoor Feng Shui gas field and damage the family transportation

4. Broken doors will affect popularity

in fact, everyone’s life is inseparable from communication with people, and a person’s popularity comes in through the door. Therefore, if your door is broken, it must affect your popularity at the first time. In fact, such feng shui will make people feel despised by others, Therefore, it will also lead to that no one is willing to make friends with you or your family, and even the relationship with left collar and right house is actually bad

5. The damage of the gate will affect financial luck

the Feng Shui function of the gate is to give the house ventilation and let more Feng Shui gas fields enter the room. The total amount of wind and water entering the house will be reduced, but the wind and water entering the house will be damaged accordingly. At the same time, the indoor Feng Shui gas field cannot stay indoors stably, and may flow out along the gate, which is very unfavorable to family traffic. No matter when it comes to wealth, you need to go through the gate to enter your living room. In fact, if the gate is broken all the time at this time, your wealth is not conducive to gathering. It is not conducive to wealth, but will disperse the wealth. Under such Feng Shui, your family’s wealth will become worse and worse, so you should pay attention to it

6. The damage of the door will affect the health

the broken door at home is bad for the health of the family, because in Feng Shui, it is considered that the Feng Shui aura is unstable after the door is broken, and some bad feng shui Aura will enter the room, which is very bad for the health of the family. In fact, whether your family is healthy or not often has a lot to do with the breath of your family. Generally speaking, if the door of your family is broken, the breath of your family will become worse and worse. When the breath of your family becomes worse, it will naturally affect or even cause damage to the health of your family, Such influence groups are also very direct and negative

7. The damage of the gate will affect the family relationship

in the introduction of Feng Shui, it is considered that the gate is the air inlet of the house. If the door of the home is damaged or broken, bad luck will enter the house, leading to some unpleasant things in family life. For example, accidents at work, obstacles to career development, or frequent conflicts with family in life, and so on. It will damage family life. In fact, whether a family can be harmonious is often related to the auspicious atmosphere of the door. If your door is broken, this kind of family will generally lack auspicious atmosphere. If you live in such an environment, you will often have a lot of resentment. In fact, there will be more and more conflicts between you and your family, which will naturally feel particularly harmonious

8. The damage of the door will affect the family’s luck

in home feng shui, the door Feng Shui is particularly important. If even the door looks bad, the family’s luck will naturally become very bad. When the door becomes very dilapidated, it actually proves that the Feng Shui in your family is also declining, In fact, such an environment will also lead to the decline of family fortune. Therefore, if the gate is broken, it needs to be replaced and repaired in time

9. The damage of the door at home leads to the decline of adaptability

for the damage of the door at home, such problems lead to the poor work and even the gradual decline of everyone’s adaptability. At this time, it is much more troublesome for everyone, so the problems will gradually reduce, and the resulting problems are not easy

10. The broken door at home leads to more work troubles

if the door at home is broken, it will undoubtedly bring more work troubles. At this time, everyone has been unable to make a good solution in dealing with work, and even it is very troublesome for everyone to deal with work. If you want a good work attitude, it will rarely be solved

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