What kind of lights are suitable for installation outside the gate

In modern residential quarters, the lights outside the gate are generally street lights in public areas. The lights are dim, and most of them are voice controlled lights. When people come and go, they flicker indefinitely, and when it is quiet, it is dark. Although this design is conducive to environmental protection and energy conservation, it is not conducive to house transportation in terms of Feng Shui

this is because outside the gate of the house symbolizes the future of a household. If the lights flicker indefinitely, it is like the future is uncertain. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is best to install a bright lamp outside the main door of the house. The strong light hits the door like a brightly lit stage, which indicates that the owner has a bright future. However, it should be noted that the light color outside the gate also has a little attention, which should be determined according to the occupation of the homeowner

if the homeowner is engaged in civil servants, judges and other powerful occupations, he can install a slightly red light outside the gate; If the homeowner is engaged in a profession requiring precise skills such as doctors, engineers and accountants, he can install white lights outside the gate; If the homeowner is engaged in a career that requires constant creativity, such as a writer, poet, actor, etc., he can install a yellow light outside the gate

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