What color is used for the gate, which is unfavorable to Feng Shui

The gate is the air inlet of a house, and it is also the first place that the owner and visitors see when entering the house. It represents the image of the house owner. The color of the gate plays a very important role in the feng shui of the house. Therefore, we should be careful when choosing the color of the gate

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some colors need to be taboo in the gate, such as red. Red is generally used for the gate of the government or prison, which represents fairness, justice and selflessness. However, if the color of the gate is painted red, it represents the disaster of blood and light, which is easy to lead to unexpected disasters, which is unlucky. However, the decoration of the gate can be pasted with red blessing or hung with Chinese knot to increase the festive atmosphere

in addition, dark blue, dark purple or black should not be used for the color of the gate. This is because these colors are darker and belong to Yin in the attribute of five elements, which will attract the Yin outside the gate, leading to the gradual decline of family fortune and more and more poor financial luck

in addition, earthy yellow and Brown should not be used as the color of the gate, otherwise the five yellow evil stars will be committed, resulting in no cover of water and soil, no foundation, etc

Feng Shui of the gate is particularly important

Feng Shui often compares the gate to the mouth of a man. Its absorption gas and orientation color have a certain impact on transportation. The good and bad luck of the gate is the first important position in Feng Shui

the gate generally has eight directions: due east, Southeast, due south, southwest, due west, northwest, due north and northeast. In Feng Shui, these eight directions belong to five species

orientation of wood: due east and Southeast

favorable colors: green, cyan, black, blue

unfavorable colors: gold, white, red, purple

ineffective colors: earthy yellow, coffee

orientation of fire: due south

favorable colors: green, cyan, red, Purple

unfavorable colors: black, blue, earthy yellow, coffee

ineffective colors: gold, white

territorial orientation: Southwest and northeast

favorable colors: red, purple, earthy yellow, coffee

unfavorable colors: green, cyan, gold, white

ineffective colors: black, Blue

orientation of gold: due west and northwest

favorable colors: earthy yellow, coffee, gold, white

unfavorable colors: red, purple, black, blue

ineffective colors: green, cyan

orientation of water: due north

favorable colors: gold, white, black, Blue

unfavorable colors: earthy yellow, coffee, green, cyan

ineffective colors: red, purple

these are the simple views of the gate color, and generally similar colors are included. Therefore, people who want to make their fortune prosperous need to pay special attention to the gate color. Although it is simple, it contains five elements of Shengke. If used correctly, they can make the house games more prosperous, On the contrary, it will always affect the luck. This method is simple but practical

the color of the gate and doormat of Feng Shui of the gate

I. The East Gate (Zhenfang) and the southeast gate (Xunfang):

the five elements of wood in the East and Southeast. Love water grows with each other. Himubiwang. Avoid gold. Avoid fire and vent weakness. Avoid soil consumption

the most suitable color: blue, black and gray

secondary suitable color: green, wood primary color

taboo colors: yellow, orange, beige, white, metallic, red, purple and coffee

II. South Gate (away from the side):

the five elements in the South belong to fire. Mahogany grows with each other. I like fire better than fire. Avoid water phase. Avoid soil leakage. Avoid gold consumption

the most suitable color: green, wood primary color

secondary suitable colors: red, purple and coffee

taboo colors: white, metal, blue, black, gray, yellow and orange

III. southwest gate (Kun side) and northeast gate (Gen side):

the five elements of soil in the southwest and northeast. Love and fire grow together. Xi tubiwang. Avoid wood Xiangke. Avoid gold to vent weakness. Avoid water consumption

the most suitable color: red, purple and coffee

secondary suitable colors: yellow and orange

taboo colors: blue, black, gray, green, wood primary color, white, metal color

IV. Ximen (DUI Fang) and northwest gate (GaN Fang):

the five elements of the West and northwest belong to gold. Love soil grows with each other. Higginbiwang. Avoid fire. Avoid water leakage. Avoid wood consumption

the most suitable color: yellow, orange

secondary suitable colors: beige, white and metallic

taboo colors: green, wood primary color, red, purple, coffee, blue, black and gray

v. North Gate (ridge side):

the five elements in the north belong to water. Like gold. Like water than Wang. Avoid soil and conquer each other. Avoid wood leakage. Avoid fire

the most suitable color: beige, white and metallic

secondary suitable colors: blue, black and gray

taboo colors: red, purple, coffee, yellow, orange, green, wood primary color

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