Quick fortune recruitment wind and water tight move

Although the geomantic omen cornucopia gathers wealth, whether it can be kept is also a great knowledge. If a pair of eight treasure kirins are placed next to the cornucopia, it will have the effect of saving money and keeping the house. You can also place a pair on the desk of the person in charge of the home or the company, which can make the boss’s mind clearer, promote business smoothly, and have ornamental value

pressing a large denomination banknote under the Feng Shui fortune tree will have the effect of raising money with money. You can also put a three legged toad with money in its mouth facing the door to attract money into the door

hanging a hollow wind chime above the cash register or installing a large mirror on the wall next to the cash register to reflect it can double the prosperity of business

fortune seeking Feng Shui Kirin is usually placed on the wealth position of a large company or the chairman’s table, the wealth position of the living room, the wealth position of the general store, and the right side of the entrance of the suite. However, the main bedroom is rarely used to avoid affecting the feelings of husband and wife. In special industries, one father and one mother should be separated. The public should put the wealth position of the home, the mother should put the checkout counter, and the family walking on the boat should put the wealth position of the residence

the bronze bell is mainly used to melt the five yellow evils, but if you add a small crystal and two small jade ingots and hang them at the entrance, it can see wealth at the entrance and open the door to absorb wealth. Kaiyun bronze bell has a single bronze bell or a group of three bronze bells. When installing the bronze bell, it is advisable to avoid the Chinese zodiac chongke of the party concerned. For example, people with Xiao mouse can’t use noon

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