Precautions for residential decoration Feng Shui

Since ancient times, Feng Shui has received extensive attention, because Feng Shui has a great impact on us, so we have to pay attention to Feng Shui; So in Feng Shui, what are the precautions for residential decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

precautions for residential decoration Feng Shui

Feng Shui precautions for residential decoration

1 If the living room presents a small arch design in order to avoid the main beam or separate space, it is a great violation of the traditional Feng Shui concept. Because the small arch is shaped like a tombstone, the elderly holding the traditional cultural concept will inevitably have a psychological shadow and even affect their well-being

  2. The ordinary sofa must be a complete set of furnishings, but it is not swept away. Some friends put two sets of sofas together or put scattered living room chairs outside a living room because of the large space. These practices are unfavorable to family harmony in Feng Shui. Because the well placed living room means that the whole family is united and divided

  3. Wall reconstruction is the focus of decoration

for houses with secondary decoration, wall reconstruction is the most effective method. If the original wall has been very reasonable, then in the secondary decoration, you can change your mood through the replacement of wall paint, wallpaper and wallpaper. In this way, the decoration expenditure is much less

in the reconstruction of old houses, most of the houses built before 1996 are brick concrete structures. It is recommended to move less wall structures in general. If the structure of the wall is really unsatisfactory and some walls need to be removed to re integrate the space, at this time, we must pay attention not to remove the load-bearing wall, change the stress structure of the house, or punch holes or open doors in the load-bearing wall at will, which will bring extremely serious potential safety hazards

  4. Let the furniture upgrade

wardrobe and other large furniture, because the design positioning of the room space is not easy to change too much in color, it is suggested to choose a color suitable for home design in the original color system. If it is a partial replacement of furniture, such as leisure chairs and single sofa, you can choose bright colors to add fresh elements to your home

  5. The aging of doors and windows is the most common problem in the decoration of second-hand houses. According to the degree of aging, it can be divided into: first, the peeling and deformation of wooden doors and windows, which indicates that the characteristics of wood itself have changed and must be removed and redone; However, if the material is compact and the surface paint film is intact, the decorative panel can be pasted during the secondary construction. Second, the paint film on the surface of steel doors and windows falls off, and the main body is rusted or cracked. In order not to affect the use effect, it is best to remove it and redo it

  6. Attention should be paid to when buying lamps: generally, try to choose glass, stainless steel, copper or wood (shelf). Generally, don’t buy any iron. It’s easy to lose color by plating other coatings or paint on it. The bottom of the mattress and the bed board must be breathable. The bed board is generally made of fir wood, which is the best; There is still a partition outside the shower in the bathroom. It’s not easy to pull a shower curtain. It’s actually very inconvenient. Water flows all over the floor. One of the precautions for house decoration is how long can you stay after decoration? In fact, during the construction of home decoration, a large number of decorative materials should be used, most of which are chemical synthetic materials, with volatile components. Therefore, the decorated room will have a certain chemical smell. It is not good for your health to check in as soon as it is completed. It should be left in the air for a few days and checked in after the smell is basically eliminated. For home decoration, the best time for drying is one month, at least one week. Living in this way will also be healthy. Residential Feng Shui is good, especially if pregnant women enter the new house too early, it will lead to abortion, or infant deformity and leukemia. Children and the elderly are prone to asthma and other diseases

seven Feng Shui matters needing attention in residential decoration

residential Feng Shui taboo 1

many times, developers may not have too much scruples about Feng Shui when building houses, so the doors of many houses are directly facing the living room balcony. In fact, this is a taboo in Feng Shui. Because the living room and balcony are relatively well ventilated, the magnetic field is not concentrated, Therefore, the position of the entrance and exit gate should not face the balcony, which will form the so-called ” Pierce the heart, It’s not easy to gather money at home. There are many things to lose money

solution: encounter this problem. You can choose to make a porch cabinet at the entrance to block the direct alignment between the door and the balcony. You can make a balcony window to block the balcony or plant potted plants and climbing rattan plants, so that the green plants of the secret script can block the air field. It is also a feasible way to pull the curtain for a long time

residential Feng Shui taboo 2

it is not suitable to place old antiques and handicrafts in the bedroom, and sharp knives and daggers should not be placed in the bedroom. These ancient handicrafts have certain Yin Qi. The bedroom is where we rest, so we should not place these crafts with too much Yin Qi

solution: if antiques, sundries and decorations are placed in the bedroom, it is easy to accumulate Yin Qi and affect the smooth air flow. Of course, it is easy to make people’s Qi and blood not smooth and healthy decline. And these old things will affect the good magnetic field of Feng Shui, so they should be placed carefully

residential Feng Shui taboo 3

the couch and bed cannot be placed under the beam. For a long time, people who use the couch and bed for a long time are prone to disease and pain. I believe many people have heard that this is not a joke. The top pressing of the beam will affect their luck. When the atmosphere is pressed down, people’s spirit will be depressed and good luck will not come

solution: avoid placing the couch and bed under the beam or wrap the beam with decoration so that it is not exposed. If possible, try to avoid placing a sofa or bed under the beam to fundamentally solve the problem

residential Feng Shui taboo 4

those who avoid water can’t put a fish tank at home. It’s not known to the outside world that they can gather money as long as they put a fish tank. Residents must be clear about the five elements of happiness and taboos. If there are special taboos, they should be avoided at home. If you place a fish tank at home, you also have to remember that the fish tank cannot be placed against the kitchen stove. The stove is a place of fire. If it is directly facing the water for a long time, it will be lost in case of fire, so the wealth will be burned dry

solution: check the five elements of happiness and taboos of residents in the perpetual calendar. Those who have taboos at home should avoid placing items with this attribute. Five elements like to avoid fire, water, soil, wood, gold and fire. The position of the fish tank should be considered well, not directly to the kitchen

residential Feng Shui taboo 5

sometimes, in order to show the extension effect, the interior likes to use a bright mirror for decoration, but it is best not to install a large mirror in the bedroom, which will make the magnetic field of the self-centered person disordered due to reflection. The mirror can’t be installed in the bedroom and entrance. The door is an air vent. The mirror is easy to reflect the good luck of people at the door

solution: if you must install a mirror, it is also appropriate to install it on one wall instead of both sides, resulting in reflection. Or use home decoration cloth to make a curtain to cover it. It is best to place it in the bathroom or cabinet door. Remember not to place it in the public areas such as living room and bedroom

residential Feng Shui taboo 6

plants at home should also be carefully selected. Don’t plant plants with slender leaves, so the owner is easy to provoke disputes. Ferns and kudzu vines had better not be planted. Such plants are shady. If they grow luxuriantly, they are easy to provoke at home ” Not clean ” Something

solution: choose flowers with broad leaves or strong vitality. Plants with strong vitality are easy to gather Qi, so placing them at home can change the magnetic field and absorb good luck, which not only meets the feng shui, but also meets the ornamental

residential Feng Shui taboo 7

remember not to directly face the kitchen and bathroom in the bedroom. The kitchen is a fire. If the kitchen stove is shared with the bedroom wall, people should burn on the fire. In Feng Shui, this is not a good sign. In addition to not directly facing the kitchen, it is also not allowed to directly face the bathroom. The bathroom is the place where turbidity occurs. For a long time, the bedroom will be affected by the turbidity in the bathroom, which will also change the luck

solution: we should avoid such problems when decorating. If the building layout cannot be changed, we can place a curtain on the door, or close the door tightly when entering and leaving the door, so as to reduce the impact of gas field

What are the Feng Shui matters about residential decoration

1. Don’t put the TV wall due south

Zhengnan is a place of separation from divination and liking water, which represents the heart. If there is a TV in Zhengnan, it will affect the heart function and easily lead to chest tightness, shortness of breath and dreaminess

2. Don’t put the whole East in the fish tank

the East is the vibration divination, like sand, which represents liver and gallbladder and vitality. If the fish tank is in the whole East, it is easy to lead to migraine, dark circles under the eyes and quick temper

3. Don’t put stones on the west side

the west side is to exchange divination, like water and exchange with the main mouth. The main said that if there is sand in the west side, it is easy to lead to quarrels at home and poor language expression ability

4. Plants should not be placed in the due south

the due south is a place that deviates from divination, likes water and represents the heart. If there are plants in the due south, it is easy to have more worries, lack of fighting spirit and recall the past

5. Don’t put the Buddhist hall in the northwest

the northwest is qiangua, like water, the chief official, the main exam, which represents the mind and brain. Seeing sand in the northwest is easy to lead to bad relations with leaders, fail in every exam, and get heart and brain problems

6. Don’t put the refrigerator in the due north

the due north is kangua, like sand, which represents the kidney and is mainly sealed. The refrigerator is placed in the due north. Women at home are prone to uterine and ovarian diseases, and men have insufficient kidney Qi, impotence and premature ejaculation. Can’t save money

7, the more, the better. If the stove is in the Northeast

, if the stove is in the northeast, it is necessary to put ink on the bottom of the stove. The more

is the northeast, it’s a place of high quality, water is the best, and the stomach is in the northeast. It is easy to cause the spleen and stomach problems, hyperactivity disorder, leukemia and diabetes. Northeast China is the main source of wealth, which also affects wealth

8. If the southwest is a toilet

if the southwest is a toilet, you can put stones in the toilet

the southwest is kungua and likes sand, which represents abdomen, women and gynecology. The southwest is a toilet, which is easy to lead to female gynecological problems and irregular menstruation

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