The layout of balcony Feng Shui is exquisite

Every house is inseparable from a bright balcony, which is the entrance of light and air. Feng Shui stresses ” Gathering wind and gas, The balcony is a good outlet for air. In terms of Feng Shui, the layout of the balcony will affect our luck. What is the layout of the balcony Feng Shui? Well, let’s follow one Feng Shui network to have a look

the balcony orientation is appropriate

the orientation of the balcony is the orientation of the balcony. In Feng Shui, the orientation of the balcony is best to face east or south, with respect to the East, which is nourished by strong Feng Shui power, while the south is fire, which can provide strong support for Feng Shui. As the saying goes ” Purple comes from the East, Then the purple gas is the auspicious gas. If the auspicious gas directly enters the house through the balcony, it can bless the family’s good luck and peace.

balcony orientation selection

balcony orientation is the key. A good balcony orientation is conducive to receiving gas, which will be conducive to the generation of magnetic field. Generally, it is better to face the East and south. The ancients often said ” Purple air comes from the East, So ” Purple gas, It’s auspicious. It is also suggested that the location can be determined according to the fate of the master. For example, the master is ” Yang life and fire face each other ” ; The preferred orientation is southwest, so the southwest orientation can be used as the orientation of the balcony

cannot face the door

if the balcony is facing the door of the house, it will form a Feng Shui ” Pierce the heart ” ; It’s bad for the family’s wealth and health. The simple solutions commonly used by Hongda Zhouyi include: making a porch to block it; If the room is large, it can also be replaced by a screen; Planting potted plants on the balcony to block the external scenery; It is also a feasible method to pull the balcony curtain for a long time

the balcony should not be directed at the building

the so-called building also includes the street, road, overpass or sharp corner of the house opposite the balcony. What is affected by the balcony is the evil spirit entering the house. If you want to hide the wind and absorb the gas, you need to avoid the evil spirit of Feng Shui as much as possible. Once the balcony is oppressed, it is difficult to enter whether it is receiving gas or wealth

placement of balcony plants

the placement of plants can be used to change evil spirits. Generally, you can choose to place thorny plants or plants that are conducive to absorbing evil spirits on the balcony, such as cactus and rose. Plants that attract wealth and strong magnetic field include evergreen, iron tree and Clivia. It is generally recommended to choose evergreen plants. Green is not only conducive to health, but also a good vigorous gas field, Bring vitality

layout of sundries

in many homes, there are many sundries, which do not want to be placed indoors and occupy indoor space, so they are placed on the balcony. Then, when the sundries on the balcony are placed, they should be neat and orderly, not disorderly. This will make full use of the balcony space, and will not affect the overall effect of the home and hinder the absorption of air transportation in the home. The sundries on the balcony should also be cleaned frequently to avoid foul gas flowing into the room and bringing bad luck to the residents

pay attention to the pattern of balcony

the most common pattern of balcony is nothing more than round and square. Of course, the common round and square balconies will be very beneficial to the magnetic field. Balconies with strange shapes or triangles are forbidden, otherwise all kinds of bad spirits will be produced. This kind of Feng Shui pattern is generally easy to hurt the body and money, and it is difficult to have good luck, Extremely detrimental to one’s physical health

the balcony should be transparent

the balcony is the most important ” Gas household, In order to ensure the renewal of the gas field, it must be transparent and bright. Do not accumulate sundries and dust everywhere, which will make it difficult for the whole house to receive auspicious gas smoothly, the gas transportation of the family is blocked, the eyesight is poor, the social intercourse is not smooth, everything is not smooth, etc. In order to save indoor space, some families change the balcony into a laundry room, or make special lockers to store items, occupying the balcony space, which will also seriously interfere with ” Gas Household ” ; Naji

decorations should not be weird

the balcony should be kept clean and fresh, or it can be built into a simple rest place. When you have nothing to do, you can drink tea and chat, and can be properly decorated. However, it should be noted that the balcony had better not have strange ornaments, which will destroy the atmosphere and affect the luck of your home.

balcony plants should be selected reasonably

if the space of the balcony is large enough, semi sunshine plants can be planted, but the height should not exceed 160cm. At the same time, watering, insect removal and fertilization should be carried out according to the characteristics of each plant; Branches and leaves should not be allowed to grow in vain, but should be trimmed in time; Aged blades must be removed at any time

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