How to decorate the house from southeast to northwest

From the point of view of Feng Shui, the buildings from southeast to northwest belong to ” Wooden house, By setting the house in this direction, employees can improve their work efficiency and make certain plans for their work in advance

a large window should be set towards the northwest. The window should be kept clean and free of obstacles. However, in winter, there will be a north wind. The design of the office can not follow the nature of wood and can not be designed with depth and length, but can be designed with moderate width and shallow. In the interior decoration, the wall should be decorated with silver or gray. The silver or gold of some small parts will appear more masculine, and the light gray will be quieter and more feminine

in this way, the positive gas will flow to the southwest, northeast, West and North. The floor can be paved in the southwest and northeast of the building. In order to strengthen the composition of gold, stone or marble can be selected as the ground. Because the smooth polished surface will make the masculine nature stronger, so the gas will flow faster. Using metal or natural materials is a better choice

in addition, local lights can be used to illuminate a certain part of the room, and plants with round leaves can be used to decorate the room

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