How to decorate the house facing south

Feng Shui believes that the house sitting in the south of the Northern Dynasty is called ” Water house ” ;. The nature of water is conducive to the accumulation of wind and gas. Therefore, when arranging the office, if the water in the office is shallow and exposed, the north wind can drive straight in winter, which will make the big fish swim, which is harmful to the accumulation of wealth and profit. Therefore, in the design, it should be designed to give people a deep and hidden feeling. On the contrary, most of China’s buildings face south, ranging from national temples to people’s living rooms. These are especially conducive to the planning of real estate operators

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Feng Shui’s ” Sit north and face south ” ; It has a deep impact on our life, work and study. This is because China is located in the northern hemisphere. People’s production and life are based on direct access to sunlight. The sunlight in the northern hemisphere shines from the South most of the time, which determines that people’s lighting direction must face south, so that the orientation concept in Feng Shui is rarely expressed in the East, West, North and south, mostly in the front, back and left

in appearance, an entrance facing south can make the air flow smoothly in this direction, so that employees can think more effectively. In terms of interior decoration, in the East, southwest and northeast of the room, purple walls will easily reflect the air in the south. Purplish red will have more positive, lavender and blue nails have some negative attributes. Some straight or star shaped things and trapezoidal shapes are better. It is better to use wooden floors, furniture and shutters, and bright lamps such as halogen lamps for lighting

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