Feng Shui taboo in the decoration of master room bathroom

In many modern houses, the master room will be equipped with a small bathroom. This design is more humanized and more convenient for our daily life. Therefore, the master room with a bathroom is a design that people like very much! But if there is a bathroom in the master room, more matters need to be paid attention to when decorating

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the bathroom is not ventilated

whether it is the bathroom in the master room or the bathroom of the house, we must pay attention to the problem of ventilation during decoration. After all, we all know that the bathroom is a place with heavy moisture and easy to hide dirt. There are a lot of foul gas and odor in the bathroom. If the ventilation of the bathroom is poor, these bad gas fields will slowly accumulate. Because the bathroom cannot be ventilated, these bad gases will flow to the master’s room through the door of the bathroom, and even affect the feng shui of the whole home! Therefore, in any case, the bathroom must have a good ventilation and exhaust equipment, so as to regularly help the bathroom discharge odor and filth, and make the gas field of the bathroom clean without affecting the Feng Shui gas field of the master room

the bathroom is too wet

the bathroom in the master bedroom is related to the health of the family, and the gas field of the bathroom is related to the gas field of the master room. Therefore, how to decorate the bathroom can be related to the feng shui of the master room, which is closely related to the health and fortune of the family. It can be seen that the decoration of the bathroom can not be taken lightly. Feng Shui believes that the bathroom in the master’s room should not be too wet. If the air, ground and walls of the bathroom are very wet, yin and moisture will form, which will damage the feng shui of the master’s room and have a great impact on the master’s luck and health. Therefore, when decorating, we must pay attention not to be too wet

bathroom door to bed

in addition, in the decoration of the master room bathroom, it is also necessary to design the door to the bathroom. Feng Shui believes that the door of the master room bathroom must not be opposite to the bed of the master room. On the one hand, if we lie in the bathroom, it will be easy for our family to absorb the dampness, which is harmful to our health. So in any case, the door of the bathroom can not be opposite to the bed

there are many mirrors in the bathroom

generally speaking, only one mirror is needed in the bathroom, but if there are many mirrors in the bathroom, the mirrors will inevitably lead to the confusion of the gas field in the bathroom and deepen the moisture and Yin in the bathroom. In this way, it will have an impact on the Feng Shui gas field in the bathroom, the master room and even the whole home

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