What effect will hanging mirrors in the kitchen have on Feng Shui

In modern houses, due to the limitation of residential area and residential design, many kitchens are set on or near the balcony. Some families make the ceiling of the balcony into a hollow glass roof for the lighting of the kitchen. This practice is not only not conducive to maintaining a constant temperature in the kitchen, but also makes a big taboo in Feng Shui

if the reflective glass or mirror reflects the image of the stove, it will increase the fire in the kitchen and put people in several stoves, which will cause the feeling of hot summer psychologically, as well as unexpected disasters and potential crises in Feng Shui

in addition, because the stove also symbolizes the mistress of a family in Feng Shui. Generally, a family has only one stove, which symbolizes a mistress. If two or more stoves are reflected in the mirror, it symbolizes two or more mistresses, that is, the husband has an affair or dating outside, so it’s best not to hang the mirror in the kitchen

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