Which balcony Feng Shui plants can increase wealth

The balcony is the entrance of anger and wealth. If you can do some decoration on the balcony to increase wealth, it will have a better Feng Shui effect. Therefore, the balcony can appropriately use some Feng Shui decoration to increase wealth

first of all, round ceiling lamps can be installed on the ceiling of the balcony. The lights should be bright and soft, not too dazzling, and can illuminate every part of the balcony ” mdash; A corner; Secondly, wall lamps can be installed on the indoor side of the balcony, which can illuminate the ground of the balcony, but not outdoors

thirdly, fish tanks can be placed in one corner of the balcony to breed colorful fish such as Luohan fish, caobama, colorful immortals, Dazheng tricolor Koi and bieguang Koi, which can produce the effect of prosperous wealth

finally, you can place large-scale green potted Fengshui plants on the balcony, such as iron tree, palm, fortune tree, HuangJinGe, etc., which can also play the effect of fortune

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