How to find Wenchang seat at home

The simplest and most effective way to improve Wenchang’s transportation is to put the desk right. Put the desk in Wenchang so that children can read or study as soon as they sit down, and get the help of Wenchang star and a good reading magnetic field. Naturally, it will draw inferences from one instance and double the effect

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so, how can we help our children find a Wenchang position and turn the desk into a Wenchang platform conducive to their studies? It’s actually very simple. As long as you know the year of birth of your child, and then according to the chart listed below, you can successfully find his or her Wenchang position. According to the last digit of the year of birth, we divide the year of birth into one character year, two character year and three character year ” hellip” hellip; Nine word year, zero word year

the so-called “one character year” refers to the year in which the last digit of the year of birth is 1, and the “two character year” refers to the year in which the last digit of the year of birth is 2, and so on

year of birth Wenchang square eight square

one character year Xiao mouse son North

two character year Xiao Huyin northeast

three character year Xiao rabbit Mao East

four character year Xiao snake Si southeast

five character year Xiao Ma Wu South

six character year Xiao Houshen southwest

seven character year Xiao chicken unitary West

eight character year Xiao Houshen southwest

nine character year Xiao Jiyou West Fang

zero word year Xiao Zhuhai northwest

to a specific case to explain, if your child was born in 1991, then the last digit of 1991 is one word year, and Wenchang is Xiao mouse in one year, which is the north. Therefore, carry the child’s desk to the north and make him sit facing north. If it is impossible to face the North due to living conditions, then sitting north and facing south is the next choice

we know that there are 24 mountains on the compass, that is, 24 different directions. But we only listed 8 directions above. How to make our calculation more accurate? Note that we still take the child born in 1991 as an example. In our chart, there are Wenchang square in addition to eight sides. Wenchang convenience here is the most accurate Wenchang position of your child measured according to the twenty fourth mountain of the compass. As just mentioned, Wenchang is the son of the word year. Therefore, when we place the child’s desk, we should not only put it in the north, but also put the child’s desk in the Yin position in the north, so that we can most effectively absorb the favorable magnetic field of Wenchang star

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