Feng Shui taboo in home bedroom decoration

(1) according to ” Metaphysics ” ; Feng Shui theory, first of all, it is not suitable to install a large mirror indoors, especially in the bedroom, because the reflection of the mirror is easy to cause neurasthenia, poor sleep quality and other adverse reactions to people’s body. Similarly, there should not be too many glass windows to avoid making people uneasy and lack of security

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(2) lamps and accessories should not be installed above the bed to avoid creating a sense of oppression and emotional tension

(3) the bed of the elderly and children should not be placed close to the wall, because the wall is a heat sink, and sleeping close to the wall is easy to lead to the decrease of human body temperature and induce diseases

(4) a fish or a basin of aquatic plants should be placed in the living room and study to increase the humidity in the house and eliminate and release the radiated static electricity brought by household appliances

(5) when selecting and installing lighting for the bedroom, we should not ignore the requirements for the number of lights, in addition to paying attention to the location, material and color of the lights. Many families will install a pair of wall lamps or a pair of table lamps on the top of the bed. But I don’t know that this arrangement represents the two evil spirits, which is very unfavorable to people’s physical and mental health. At this time, the solution is to use a row of lights to illuminate, but the number of lights must avoid making two, three and five. Violating this number is unlucky

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