How about putting green roses at home

Folk have ” A green pineapple and seven ghosts ” ; It means that raising green roses at home will attract ghosts. This statement is probably related to the fact that green pineapple likes Yin, and the longer it grows in the shade, the more dense it is. Therefore, there is the statement that green pineapple will attract ghosts. In fact, this statement has no basis. As long as we master the position of green pineapple, we can play its beneficial role

lvluo has prosperous branches and leaves. If it grows well, it looks very beautiful and atmospheric, and it’s easy to take care of it at ordinary times. However, from the perspective of plant Feng Shui, if we raise lvluo at home, we should pay attention to some taboos on placement to avoid affecting our Feng Shui. Let’s have a look

taboo of raising green pineapple at home

don’t put it in the bedroom. Green pineapple itself is a poisonous plant, so it’s best not to put it in the bedroom. If poisoning occurs, it will lead to some adverse reactions, which are very harmful to people’s health. In addition, lvluo likes to grow in an environment with sufficient light, while the bedroom environment is not suitable for lvluo to grow

don’t put it in the bathroom. The bathroom is the place where Feng Shui flows in the home. If the green pineapple is cultured in the bathroom, it will not be conducive to growth, but also lead to the phenomenon of money loss in the family, so that it is not conducive to development in work and study

it is forbidden to place the green pineapple in a ferocious position when raising it at home. If it is placed in the evil position, it will lead to the loss of Feng Shui blessings at home, bring a series of adverse factors, and have adverse effects on Feng Shui

because green pineapple likes to grow in sunny and warm environment, if it is cultured in a dark and humid place, its branches and leaves will turn yellow and wither in the long run, resulting in serious root rot and death. In addition, it is extremely unfavorable to the fate of the host family and affects the harmonious development of the family

How about raising green pineapple Feng Shui

placing a pot of green pineapple in the right Feng Shui position will make the family more energetic. The most suitable place in Feng Shui is to place bonsai, which can effectively enhance the energy of wooden rows. In order to keep the bonsai healthy and prosperous, we must avoid using dry flowers. It will accumulate Yin Qi. At this time, lvluo is the best choice. It can increase the Yang Qi in the room and make people more energetic

if you put a pot of green pineapple in the southeast of your home, it will help attract money and treasure. If sundries are piled up in the southeast, they should be cleaned up in time, and the gold items that destroy the energy of the wooden line should be removed, and then the wealth Feng Shui in the southeast should be well planned. In the southeast, you can place a series of items including dark blue belonging to water and green belonging to wood to strengthen the energy color, so putting a pot of green pineapple in the southeast is the best choice

placing lvluo in the position of LiuNian Wenchang is conducive to the development of career and study; Lvluo is placed in the ninth purple festive position, which can contribute to auspicious festive events, marriage, family happiness and joy; Green pineapple placed next to the desk or desk can also make people prosperous and prosperous. In short, as long as the green rose is placed in a suitable position at home, it can bring good luck

It can be put on the floor above the refrigerator, and the air in the kitchen can be dissolved; It is placed next to the column under the beam, which is conducive to resolving the beam column shape brake; Placed in the stairwell, it can remove the flow of evil Qi. Hanging the green rose pendulum inside or outside the gate, or on the left and right sides of the gate, is greatly conducive to prosperous family transportation; You can also put the green rose on the opposite corner of the living room of the gate, that is, the wealth position in Feng Shui, which can help absorb wealth

Feng Shui implication and placement of green pineapple

1. Feng Shui implication

Green pineapple, an ordinary plant, actually plays a great role. It can increase indoor Yang in the right position, and it can attract wealth in the southeast. It can improve wealth in the bedroom and play a positive role in the relationship between husband and wife. It can turn bad Qi on the refrigerator. In addition, it can also be beneficial to career and so on. Putting it in the right position can make the family spirit. Its potted plant can enhance the energy of wood property, so it is a very correct choice to put it indoors, because it can increase Yang Qi and people will be more energetic. But not dry, because it will accumulate Yin Qi

2. Placement position

1. It can be placed in the southeast of the home. This position can affect the fortune of the family. Placing its potted plants here can enhance the energy of the wooden property here and help make money and treasure. In addition, placing it in the corner of the living room opposite the door can also play this role

2. It can be placed in the bedroom. Not to mention its purification effect on the air, just because putting it here helps to improve our understanding ability, and it is also worth putting it here. In addition, it also has the meaning of praying for happiness. Putting it here also has a positive effect on the relationship between husband and wife

3. It can be placed on the refrigerator, inside the kitchen and bathroom and under the beam column. Raising this plant with strong vitality here can play a role in dissolving evil spirits

4. It can be hung inside and outside the gate. Contribute to the prosperity of the family

5. It is also suitable for placement in Wenchang. Such as the study, which can help academic progress and career development

6. It is also suitable to be placed near the door of the living room. Because it has tenacious vitality, it also has a strong moral meaning. Putting it here can also reflect the master’s character

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