How to put the items in the bathroom

In order to ensure the ventilation of the toilet, the items in the toilet should be placed in a simple and tidy manner. Do not regard the toilet as a sundry room and pile up useful and useless things

in order to make the air fresh, soap, shampoo, shower gel, perfume and other items should be placed neatly on the shelves next to the lavatory. The fragrance can dilute the bad smell in the bathroom and relax the body. p”gt;

toilet brushes and other cleaning appliances contaminated with filthy gas should be placed in the shelter as far as possible, and the toothbrush should also be inserted into the special toothbrush holder as far as possible, rather than directly in the cup

for people who often use hair dryers in the bathroom, put the hair dryers into the lockers after each use, and do not hang them directly on the wall. Because the five elements of hair dryer belong to fire, direct exposure to the bathroom will cause water and fire to collide

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