Feng Shui display and taboo of mirrors at home

Mirrors can be said to be something that every family has, and they can also be regarded as a necessity for life! However, such a common and commonly used thing has strong Feng Shui energy, so there are many Feng Shui problems to be considered when placing mirrors. If you accidentally violate the Feng Shui taboo about mirrors, it will have a great negative impact on the Feng Shui atmosphere at home. Therefore, I’ll talk about the Feng Shui taboo about mirrors here

1. The mirror should not face the door

no matter the door of any room or the door of a house, in the introduction of Feng Shui, it is considered that the role is to receive Qi. The Feng Shui gas field in the room enters from the door, and the mirror has the effect of reflecting the Feng Shui gas field. Therefore, if the mirror is placed against the door, the Feng Shui gas field entering the room will be reflected back, which is easy to form impulse brake and mirror brake, which is not conducive to the indoor Feng Shui gas field. The mirror is a reflection shield on Feng Shui. If it is facing the door, it will hurt the smooth entry of wealth and happiness, scare away the door god and the God of wealth, and block the God of wealth. If you are in business, you may have a bad career and weaken the spirit of your family

2. The mirror should not face the bedroom door

it’s not good for the mirror to face the bedroom door. The bedroom door is often closed. If you get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet or go out with something, the mirror will reflect a person’s shadow. It’s frightening. If you have another half of your roommates, it will make the other half feel strange. When you wake up, you seem to be sleepwalking or having nightmares

3. The mirror should not face the bed

mirrors are gold. The placement of mirrors will directly affect the relationship between husband and wife. The mirror in the master’s room reflects the master’s bed. If there is a mirror reflection at the head of the bed, it means that the husband and wife will disagree, and a third party may appear

4. The mirror should not face the toilet door

the mirror is facing the toilet door. When dealing with things, the couple often get into a tight corner and often quarrel, which affects the feelings of the couple. At the same time, the health of men at home will also be affected, and women are more likely to get gynecological diseases

5. The mirror should not face the stove

it is also unlucky for the mirror to face the stove. Such placement will lead to conflict between the mirror God and the stove God, so it is easy to cause physical pain for members of the family. Women are prone to women’s diseases, and men often punch} their wives inexplicably

6. Mirrors should not be placed in the study

the mirror facing the desk in the study is not conducive to personal concentration. The mirror is easy to distract people reading in the study. In addition, the Wenchang emperor who dominates Wenchang doesn’t like children reading while looking at the mirror

7. Gossip mirrors are not suitable for everyone

some people like to put a gossip mirror above the gate, which will make the neighbors feel very uncomfortable and reflect bad things to their home. In addition, there is a danger that it will be difficult to get rid of in the house business

8. The mirror should be proportional to the house

hanging a mirror at home should be enough for the photographer to see the whole head. If the mirror is long, it is better to see the whole body

9. Mirrors should not be placed in the living room nave

the mirror is not well placed in the living room nave, so it is easy to be distracted in the living room. It will seriously affect the relationship of the whole family members. If you live a warm and lukewarm life with your family, the relationship will be farther and farther away over time, which is not conducive to family happiness

10. The mirror must not face the window

the mirror is against the window, and if there are people outside the window, it is bad for them; If there is no other person, it will be unfavorable to yourself, and if there is light coming in from the outside, it will feel uncomfortable

11. Two mirrors should not be opposite

because this will affect the Qi field of the whole family and easily lead to family Qi energy disorder

12. The bathroom must have a mirror and can be slightly larger

the mirror in the bathroom can not only reflect the dirty gas, but also have the function of dressing. In addition, it can also increase the visual area and expand the visual space

13. The mirror should not be embedded in the ceiling of the living room

the mirror embedded in the ceiling will make people sitting in the living room feel depressed. The mirror must be on the same plane as the wall, and the home will become better and better

14. Mirror to God

putting a mirror in front of the deity and ancestor at home not only does not respect the gods, but also does not respect the gods. At the same time, it is easy to provoke supernatural things. It is a very poor placement of Feng Shui

15. Do not put the mirror in the shade

basically, every room has two places: sunny and shady. Sunny places have better daylighting and strong Yang Qi, while shady places will produce more yin and evil Qi. If the mirror is placed in a shady place, the mirror will refract the Yin and evil spirit here to all parts of the room, thus greatly damaging the indoor Feng Shui aura. In this way, it will also affect the fortune of the family. Generally, there is more yin and evil spirit, which will have a great impact on the health fortune of the family, so we need to pay more attention

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