Where is the bookcase better

The bookcase should be against the wall, but the wall against which the bookcase is against should avoid the following problems, otherwise it will not increase Wenchang transportation, but will be unfavorable

first of all, the wall of the bookcase should not be the wall of the kitchen or toilet. Reading requires intelligence. The dirty gas in the toilet or kitchen will only damage the book aroma of the bookcase, especially the books in the bookcase. It is most taboo to be infringed by the dirty gas

secondly, the wall against which the bookcase is located should not be the wall where the window is located

first, the bookcase is Yin, and the window is directly exposed to the sun. Both yin and Yang meet when they are in full bloom, which will form a fluctuating magnetic field and disturb the quiet atmosphere of the study

secondly, the bookcase is placed next to the window, which will block the vitality and Yang of the study

finally, the bookcase should not be placed against the door. In this way, the prosperity of Wenchang in the bookcase may be lost directly from the door, which is not conducive to school placement

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