Why shouldn’t the desk face the window

Usually people like to put the desk in front of the window, which can fully absorb vitality and sunshine, and the vision is also very broad, which can inspire people’s thinking. However, the desk placed in front of the window must not be directly facing the window, otherwise it is not conducive to Feng Shui in the study

generally speaking, the desk is facing the window, which is unfavorable to the reader. Affected by the evil spirit outside the window, it not only makes people unable to concentrate, but also this long-term impacted desk position will inevitably bring losses to the owner’s career. At the same time, the desk facing the window is easy to make the reader distracted by the scenery outside the window and difficult to concentrate on his work. Moreover, the desk faces the window, which makes the back of the book chair unsupported, which is disadvantageous to people. Therefore, when placing the desk, avoid the desk facing the window

the desk is facing the window, which is harmful to health. The window is a place for breathing. People sit facing the window for a long time. The anger outside the house and the old air inside the house gather on people. It must be like fire and water, incompatible with each other. For a long time, it is easy to get sick. At the same time, there may be all kinds of evil spirits outside the window, which will directly rush to people’s body, which is very unfavorable

in addition, facing the window, people’s brain nerves are easily disturbed by various auras outside the window, which is easy to lead to inattention and affect their studies. The desk is best placed on the left side of the window. The green dragon position on the left is the best match with the star position of Wenchang among the four holy places. The five elements of both are made of wood. In this way, we can not only fully accept anger and get more inspiration, but also avoid the unfavorable pattern of only walls in front of us

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