Bad feng shui if Mirror facing door

You maybe will ask why mirror facing door is bad feng shui. What we can do if mirror facing door? So today we will discuss about the mirror facing door. There are 3 situations of mirror facing door. 

  1. Mirror facing main door; if you place one big mirror facing main door, you will get bad feng shui. As you know the main door is the interface between inside and outside of the house. The feng shui energy will flow in and flow out through the main door. The mirror can reflect the feng shui energy. So if you place one mirror facing main door, it will reflect the feng shui energy away. The good feng shui energy cannot flow into you house. (Sometimes, if there are some objectives with bad feng shui outside of the house, feng shui master will suggest us to place one mirror facing the door. in this situation, the mirror can help us to reflect the bad feng shui away.) You can remove the mirror to avoid this. If you really do want to place one mirror facing the door, you also can place some green plant at front of mirror; those green plants can reduce the influence of the mirror and help to absorb the good feng shui energy. You also can put the mirror at one side of hallway.

    Avoid to facing main door
    Avoid to facing main door
  2. Mirror facing room’s door; sometimes in order to decorate our house. We place the mirror in living room, the mirror is facing bed room’ door. As you know, in the night sometimes we will get up and go to the washing room without lightings on. In that case, you often scared by yourself which reflected by the mirror which facing the bedroom’s door directly. (Meanwhile each door with door-protection god, if the mirror facing room’s door, those god will be reflect away) 
  3. Mirror facing washing room’s door. If the mirror facing washing room’s door, we called this is door rushing. As you know, the washing room is full of bad air and bad feng shui energy. The mirror can reflect that bad feng shui energy to other rooms. In this case, you can hang the bead curtains on washing room and keep the washing room door closed. 

Regardless feng shui rules, we also can find some reason to avoid placing mirror facing door.

  1. If mirror facing main door, when you come back after work in night. Before you turn on the lightings, you may be scared by yourself in the mirror.
  2. After one day hard work, you come back to home when you entry the door you will find you tired self which facing to you in the mirror. It will bring bad mood for you.
  3. Sometimes, we placing big mirror such as dressing mirror. Sometimes due to the illusion which cause by mirror reflection. We estimated the distance between you and the mirror wrongly then we crash it. Do you remember that? At least, I remember that I crash one glass door.  

Really hope those feng shui tips of mirror could help you to get good feng shui. Now you can check the mirror placement and do some necessary action for good feng shui. GOOD LUCK!


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