What plants are planted in the yard? Feng Shui is good

Some plants are regarded as symbols of wealth. You might as well plant a few behind the front yard, which can really bring good luck! Common rich and noble Feng Shui plants are as follows:

osmanthus: osmanthus is undoubtedly one of the best tree species near the house. First of all, it has a good name, GUI Nai is ” Expensive ” ; The homonym of, planting laurel in front of the door, is the call for wealth. Secondly, the quality of Osmanthus fragrans is deeply loved by people, which is ” Why light blue and crimson? It’s the first-class flower;. Sweet scented osmanthus is considered as a natural air freshener

locust tree: in Feng Shui, locust tree is regarded as the tree of town and house, because it is ” Ferro ” ; A symbol of. In ancient times, three locust trees were planted in the imperial court. Court officials sat under the locust trees. Facing the three locust trees was Sangong, which can be seen as ” The noble man in the tree ”

Begonia: the mention of the flower of Tangdi in the book of songs is to use Begonia to describe the rich and graceful attitude of women in the families of feudal officials. Begonia flowers are delicate and magnificent. They are naturally noble. They are also regarded as rich flowers in front of the hall in Feng Shui. Begonias are often compared to women. Therefore, if the child in the family is a girl, plant some begonias next to the house. When the child grows up, he is likely to be a person of great wealth

orange tree: the leaves and fruits of orange tree have certain medical functions, and orange is homophonic in Feng Shui ” Ji ” , It is also considered to be an auspicious and perfect tree

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