Will the shape of headboard affect Feng Shui

Some people say that the back plate at the head of the bed is round, so they say that the round is gold; Gold ” ; It belongs to the spirit of killing and should not be used in houses. There is nothing wrong with that, but the circle has ” Huasha ” ; The function of ” Unload and kill ” ;. Therefore, everything can not be generalized

it is auspicious if the bedside back board is square or semicircular, but remember not to use triangles, because the back board is fire shaped (triangles belong to fire in the five elements), the owner’s spirit will be poor and his temper will be grumpy. Perhaps, if people who like fire in eight characters are used for rest, their problems will be reduced, but they will also have problems in the end, so don’t covet the new bed back board

the master’s life belongs to gold. If she is born in summer, she is weak in gold, so she likes gold to help. Therefore, the round bedside back board is very beneficial to her and will make her luck better

the bedside back board is square or rectangular. It belongs to soil or wood in the five elements, which is beneficial to people with stable occupation

the bedside back plate is triangular and belongs to fire in five shapes. It should not be used in any industry

the bedside back plate is round, which belongs to gold in the five elements. It is also beneficial for people in the civil service and military service

the bedside backup plate is composed of several semicircles, such as waves. One or five elements belong to water, which is used by people in creative or speculative industries

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