Can the kitchen door face the living room door

If the living room is facing the kitchen, a certain barrier must be set between them, or the curtain of the living room should preferably be in the shape of water wave. Why? Because the living room is facing the kitchen, it is a bad phenomenon in Feng Shui. The living room is a place for family members to chat and meet or receive foreign guests. Therefore, the environment is better, the atmosphere is better, and the Feng Shui in the living room is better. The house transportation of the whole house will be improved a lot

but the kitchen is a place with strong anger and excessive Yang, and the living room is also a place where Yang gathers. If the two meet, it will be too much. Such a situation is easy to lead to family members and guests’ uneasy mood and grumpy temper, which will hinder the communication and communication between people

it is better to have a screen between the living room and the kitchen, or set up a hollow decorative cabinet. Some auspicious items can also be placed on the lattice of the decorative cabinet, which can well resolve the harm brought by the kitchen to the living room. In addition, the five elements of water wave curtain belong to water and the five elements of kitchen belong to fire. The use of water wave curtain can well inhibit the excessive fire of kitchen rushing into the living room

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