What’s particular about the kitchen stove and sink

Since ancient times, people have paid special attention to the geomantic omen around them, because geomantic omen is related to our fortune. How about geomantic omen is often related to our fortune. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some stress on geomantic omen, and so is the geomantic omen in the kitchen. What are the stress on the geomantic stove and sink in the kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

the resolution of kitchen Feng Shui gas stove facing the sink

in the feng shui of the five elements, if the gas is opposite to the sink, Feng Shui incompatible with water and fire will be formed on the Feng Shui. Moreover, if the gas and sink form a straight line, it is a more unfavorable magnetic field for Feng Shui. Generally speaking, the stove should not be too close to the water, otherwise it is easy to say that water and fire overcome each other, In addition to affecting the health of the body, it will also affect the mental thoughts of the hostess at home and restrain the career movement of the male host

in the layout of home, the best layout is that the gas and faucet are in L shape, which is a good way to avoid conflicting Feng Shui. Generally, the sink is fixed and it is difficult to change the orientation, but the best way is to move the orientation of the stove. Of course, on the basis of moving the stove, we should also consider the feng shui of the stove, which should not be opposite to the door, and the back of the stove should not be empty, Otherwise, it will be easy to have a bad feng shui magnetic field and cause load to the kitchen

generally speaking, in addition to moving the gas, the partition can also be used to deal with it. Generally, the porch can be placed in the center of the kitchen. The partition of the porch can not only block Feng Shui, but also collect the gas into the door in the layout of the home. Moreover, the porch can also place items, which can add convenience to the kitchen, but the porch in the kitchen is easy to appear narrow, If you can’t place the entrance, you can use ” Seven Star Taiji Town ” ; As a professional solution to the relative Feng Shui of gas and water tank

the layout of kitchen Feng Shui stove should pay attention to

01 and the direction of the stove mouth

the so-called stove mouth originally refers to the firewood inlet of the stove. In terms of gas stove, it refers to the air inlet of the gas stove, which is located behind the ignition switch. The mouth of the stove should face the anger of the host or hostess as much as possible. If due to the limitation of kitchen design, it is impossible to face the furnace mouth to any auspicious side of parents, try to face the furnace mouth to the mother’s side, which can enhance the harmony of family relations

02. The stove is not facing the door or back to the window

you can’t see the stove directly when you enter the door, especially if there are windows behind the stove. The stove is the source of three meals for a family, and Feng Shui emphasizes ” Eater, Lu Ye ” , In other words, the stove is where a family’s wealth lies. The stove should avoid the wind. Because the wind comes, the fire is easy to go out and can’t retain wealth, so it’s not suitable to face the door or back to the window

03. The stove cannot be placed under the beam

generally speaking, the top pressing of the beam is taboo in indoor space, and the stove is no exception. The beam pressing stove mainly affects the health of the family, especially the women in charge of cooking. If the furnace position cannot be changed, two bamboo flutes can be hung on the beam with a red rope to dissolve the evil spirit. Cooking utensils should not rush to the sharp corners of cabinets or tables, or face the stairs

04. The stove is not directly adjacent to the sink and refrigerator

the water vapor generated by the sink and refrigerator conflicts with the fire gas of the gas stove, so the gas stove should not be close to the sink or refrigerator. The two should not be connected, and there should be a cooking table in the middle to avoid water and fire. Moreover, Feng Shui believes that the refrigerator also represents a place to store and gather money. Its nature is water. It is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members’ health problems

Feng Shui position of kitchen stove and sink

the ideal position of stove and sink is close to the north wall, that is, sitting north to south. In Feng Shui, the magnetic field in the North has always been the best. The stove and sink close to the north are conducive to gathering vitality in the north and contributing to the prosperity of family business. You can also sit from west to East, that is, to be placed against the west wall, which can welcome the purple gas from the East, which is also conducive to family transportation

the most unsuitable thing is to sit from east to west, that is, lean against the east wall. We should try to avoid that the west is in the Yin position, which is a negative magnetic field detrimental to the health of residents. If you can only choose this orientation, it is recommended to place a set of five emperor coins in the wall of the back of the stove, or lay a red colloidal carpet on the floor in front of the stove to dissolve the adverse magnetic field in the West

the sink is used to prepare or deal with the aftermath of cooking, such as washing dishes and dishes, while the stove is a tool used in cooking, which should be placed side by side for the convenience of residents. At the same time, the sink is suitable to be placed on the left of the stove, which is convenient for ordinary people to use their right hand to get water and make money with water, which has the meaning of getting rich

the stove symbolizes fire and the sink symbolizes water. These two are the core of the kitchen. The placement of other objects should be based on these two. They should be appropriate and not collide with each other. Only in this way can we create a kitchen Feng Shui conducive to family prosperity

the water tank and the stove cannot be opposed. The water vapor generated by the water tank collides with the fire gas of the stove, so the stove cannot be opposed to the water tank or the refrigerator. The stove is not suitable to be close to the sink, nor to be independent in the center of the kitchen. Excessive fire in the center of the kitchen will lead to family disharmony. Because the water pipes are generally fixed, the position of the stove can be changed, or the partition treatment can be carried out, or it is not right, or the distance can be increased

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