How to dissolve the evil spirit of the sharp corner of the living room

If the sharp corners of the living room furniture collide with each other, you can reasonably place the furniture to dissolve the evil spirit. However, if the living room you choose has a sharp corner, there are several simple ways to resolve it:

first, using the screen, you can put a screen in front of the sharp corner to block it, but it depends on the specific situation. If the screen has been used in other places, it should not be used again

II. Use wood wall and add a layer of wood wall outside to cover the sharp corner according to the shape of the sharp corner

III. the display cabinet can be placed on one side of the sharp corner, and the sharp corner can be filled flat. If the sharp corner is small, the display cabinet can be directly used to block the sharp corner. Green plants and auspicious items should be placed on the display cabinet to dissolve the evil spirit, or a cup of water can be placed to use water to overcome fire and weaken ” Fire shaped evil spirit ” ; The power of

IV. potted plants can be used to block the potted plants in front of the sharp corner and cover the sharp corner. Although the sharp corner is not in a good position, the plants in the living room should be placed ” Prosperity ” ; Plants, large basin plants tend to add new evil spirits. It’s best to choose evergreen broad-leaved plants, which have a certain good meaning, such as fortune tree, which can be well dissolved ” Fire shaped evil spirit ” ; The harm of losing money. It can eliminate the evil spirit of sharp corners to a certain extent

v. use landscape painting to turn evil spirits, fill the sharp corners with wood, and build a new wood wall to completely cover the sharp corners. Then hang a landscape picture on the wooden wall, which is both beautiful and beautiful. When choosing pictures, it is best to choose the picture of “sunrise in high mountains”, because the effect of suppressing sharp corners in high mountains is the best

VI. hollowing out the middle part of the sharp corner with the flower platform Huasha, designing an arc-shaped multi-layer flower platform, placing some exquisite ornaments and vibrant plants inside, and designing several spotlights. In this way, it looks very elegant. Originally, the sharp corner of the malpractice has become a unique landscape, which not only dissolves the evil spirit, but also beautifies the home

VII. Use fish tank to turn evil spirits. Feng Shui believes that the water in fish tank can reduce the pressure on sharp corners. Placing fish tanks in sharp corners can make the air flow in this place whirl, which not only beautifies, but also conforms to the principle of Feng Shui

VIII. Use wood cabinet to turn the brake, and fill the sharp corner with low cabinet or high cabinet to eliminate the sharp corner

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