Seven feng shui tips of kitchen

Kitchen is one important part of house. So the feng shui of kitchen is also important. How does get good feng shui for your kitchen? Today we will share some kitchen feng shui tips and taboos.

feng shui tips of Kitchen
feng shui tips of Kitchen
  1. Do not install the kitchen stove face to main door; Per feng shui rules, kitchen stove is energy and food resource of people. So we shall protect it away from energy (chi 气 qi) that flowed in through the main door. Those energy (chi ) coming from main door could make the resource unstable. Meanwhile do not place the stove close to windows. Regardless feng shui rules, we also need to protect it away from wind which can blow the fire out and cause the gas leakage. It is dangers.
  2. Do not place the kitchen stove close to the washing basin. Per feng shui rules, the stove is fire of five elements. The washing basin is water of five elements. The water and the fire are incompatible.
  3. Feng shui of kitchen need yin yang balance. As you know in the kitchen there are full of water and fire of five elements. So if we can get yin yang balance and feng shui harmony. It will be good for our family. The kitchen used for store foods, we only come to kitchen when we cooking. So the kitchen is full of yin energy. If we can find a place in kitchen for dining-table that will help to increase Yang energy. it will help us to get yin yang balance and feng shui harmony  
  4. Do not place the kitchen stove on west. Per traditional feng shui principle, the west direction behalf on metal of five elements. Metal and fire are incompatible. Meanwhile, when you are cooking at sunsets, the sunlight reached on your kitchen stove, the food will absorb some lifeless energy. Those foods are not good for people’s health. 
  5. Do not place the refrigerator close to stove. Refrigerator is used for storage which means gathering wealth. The refrigerator behalf on ice-water tank, so the water and fire are in compatible. 
  6. Do not hang the knife on the wall. All kinds of knife in the kitchen shall put in the drawer instead of hanging them on the wall or on the shelf. 
  7. During building your house please do not build the kitchen near washing room. Washing room is full of bad feng shui energy, so it will affect the kitchen feng shui.

Hope those feng shui tips of kitchen could help you to get good feng shui. Even you cannot follow all the feng shui and tips, you still can get better feng shui by following some of feng shui tips. GOOD LUCK!

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