4 Major feng shui tips of your office room

As you know, everyone hope everything is fine for your enterprise and your career. But dream is dream. But you can try those feng shui tips to improve the fortune of your enterprise or your career.  Of course those feng shui tips only can help you to get good feng shui environment which can help you get success easily, you also need to do hard work.

Feng shui tips of office room
Feng shui tips of office room
  1. Per feng shui principle, if there is an influential supporter, it means that there is one VIP assists you. So the ideal seat is against the wall. The wall is behalf on the supporter. If there is one printer and employee come here often. Or there is meeting room behind your seat, a lot of meeting be conducted behind you. Those activities will affect the flow feng shui energy around you. Regardless feng shui rules, if there are a lot of activities behind you, you cannot focus on your own work. You can place one screen or some green plant behind you seat to reduce the influence.
  2. The water can help you convert the bad fortune pre feng shui rules, so you can place one fish tank on the east or southeast of your office. Because wood of five elements located at east and southeast, the water generating wood. So it will bring good feng shui energy for you. Regardless feng shui, if you place small fish tank, when you are tired, you can have look at the nice golden fish. It also can help to relax yourself.
  3. You can place one green plant east of your office. Those plants can help you to get good feng shui energy.
  4. When you start new work or project, you shall clear all the things which will not be used in future. The space is ready for new work and project. It will help you to get good start for new projects.

Hope those feng shui tips can help you to get good feng shui in your office and help you to get great promotion. GOOD LUCK!

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