What is the Feng Shui Effect of hanging curtains

Hanging curtains can block the brake. The following describes the functions of several different curtains to block the brake:

① Roman curtain blocks the northern water brake.

The Roman curtain pulled upward can be pulled up in several sections by a large margin. In terms of Feng Shui, this feature belongs to soil. The principle of borrowing soil to overcome water can block the evil spirit of water in the north.

② Aluminum shutter block the East and Southeast wood brake.

If the evil spirit comes from the East and southeast of the subordinate wood, it is most effective to use gold aluminum curtains to block the evil spirit.

③ The water wave curtain blocks the southern fire.

This kind of water wave curtain with noble and elegant shape is wavy, so it belongs to water from the perspective of Feng Shui and can block the evil spirit of fire from the south.

④ Artificial fiber curtain blocks the West and northwest Jinsha.

In Feng Shui, man-made fiber belongs to fire. It is the best way to block the evil spirit from the West and northwest.

⑤ Wooden shutter to block the northeast and southwest earth brake.

If there is a local evil spirit from the northeast and southwest, the wooden shutter can be used to block the evil spirit. If the wooden curtain is too expensive and heavy, it can be replaced by the paper or cloth curtain made of plants, which has the same blocking effect.

⑥ Gauze curtain light blocking brake.

If the window is facing the glass curtain wall building, the glass curtain wall will reflect sunlight and sea water light into the house, forming a light ghost, making people emotionally unstable and prone to mental problems. The gauze curtain can be pulled up until after sunset, because the glass curtain wall building is only used as a mirror after sunset.

If there is a neon tube outside the window, it will also form a light brake. In this case, the curtains should be pulled day and night, so that the light brake will not be a problem.

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