What are the taboos of stove design at home

The stove is the most important configuration in the kitchen. We must place the stove according to the stress of Feng Shui. Feng Shui at home believes that placing the stove in the bad side of the kitchen and the stove mouth facing the auspicious side is beneficial to the family

there are many inappropriate practices for the placement of the stove, as follows:

1. The stove is placed under the water tower. Putting water in this way will put out the fire, symbolizing that you can’t gather money

2. The stove is located below the toilet on the upper floor. This is very unlucky for health. If you can’t change the position, you can install an upward illuminating lamp to dissolve the evil spirit

3. In front of or under the window. Such a symbol of a helpless family; Located in the corner of the kitchen. This will make the cook turn his back to the kitchen, which is harmful to his health

The stove is located in a dry and square kitchen. This sometimes suppresses the fortunes of parents, and the space behind the stove is spacious. The open space is easy to attract wind, which makes the flame unstable and affects financial luck. In particular, it is taboo to have windows behind the stove

5. Place the stove under the beam. Crossbeam pressing stove mainly affects the health of family members, especially those who often cook; The kitchen door is directly to the stove. The stove is where the family’s wealth lies. Facing the door, it is easy to lose money

6. The direction of the stove is different from that of the living room. Home Feng Shui believes that the direction of the stove is opposite to that of the bedroom, which is unlucky; The furnace mouth is not facing Kyrgyzstan. The mouth of the stove should face the angry side of the host or hostess as far as possible. If due to the limitation of kitchen design, it is impossible to face the stove mouth to any auspicious side of the parents, try to face the stove mouth to the mother’s side, which can enhance the harmony of family relations

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