Feng Shui taboo on the front balcony

What are the taboos between the front balcony and Feng Shui

1. The balcony should not be facing the door

based on the limitations of modern urban housing, in some residential patterns, there is a situation that the residential door is opposite to the balcony, which is inappropriate. The door and balcony are relatively not conducive to the privacy of the family. At the same time, the draught is easy to hurt the owner. So how to solve this problem? If the balcony is facing the door, the curtain can be pulled up for a long time as isolation, or it can be used as a porch cabinet to block the door and balcony

2. Balconies should not face zigzag buildings

now some European style houses are equipped with large bay windows in order to increase indoor space, daylighting and wind, so the external walls are easy to form sharp corners. Balconies are not suitable to face such sharp corners, because they look like a row of sharp zigzags, which will give people a sense of insecurity psychologically, make people feel dangerous subconsciously, and then form a psychological burden, Cause people’s mental discomfort

3. The balcony should not be directly facing the kitchen

if the balcony is directly facing the kitchen, try to pull the floor door or curtain of the balcony, and install the door on the moving line between the balcony and the kitchen, provided that the cabinet or screen is used as a cover without affecting the action of the residents

4. The balcony should not be used for zigzag buildings

now there are some good houses in European style. In order to increase the indoor space and daylighting, large bay windows are added, so the outer wall is easy to form a sharp phase and looks like a row of sharp zigzags. As far as possible, the balcony is opposite to this kind of building

5. The balcony should not face the reverse bow road

due to terrain, layout and other reasons, the design of the road will inevitably be curved and straight. If you look out from the balcony, the road in front bends and the corner rushes directly to the balcony, which is similar to the opening of a crossbow to the house. This is the pattern of street anti bow. This is a fierce Feng Shui, and the Lord loses money

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