Rules for placing beds in bedrooms

About one third of one’s life is spent in bed. A good bed can quickly restore your physical strength and ensure your health. Therefore, it is natural for people to pay attention to bed

① the bed should not be placed under the air conditioner. If the bed is placed under the air conditioner, the warm or cold air blown by it will affect the human body ” Gas field ” ; The original balance will affect people’s metabolic function, which will lead to the decline of human immunity, which is often easy to cause people to suffer from colds or arthritis

② the head of the bed should not be placed under the window. The head of the bed is under the window. People feel insecure when they sleep. In case of strong wind and thunderstorm, this feeling is even stronger. In addition, the window is a ventilated place, and people will catch a cold if they are careless during sleep

③ the head of the bed should not be set in the ventilation place of the bedroom door or window. People in the living room can see the bed in the bedroom at a glance, which will make the bedroom lack a sense of tranquility and affect sleep. People walk back and forth in their bedrooms in their pajamas, and they don’t look elegant

④ avoid uneven bed. Modern people use more spring pads. If the mattress quality is not good and the spring is deformed, it will affect their health. Therefore, the choice of mattress is also very important. Sleeping on a deformed mattress will bend people’s spine. Sleeping for a long time will affect blood circulation, make people tired and easy to get sick

⑤ sundries should not be stacked under the bed. Under the bed, there is often a dark place that is not very breathable. If sundries are put on it, it is easy to get damp, moldy or breed bacteria. In addition, it is difficult to clean it at ordinary times, resulting in a sanitary dead corner and feeling very uncomfortable

⑥ avoid facing west at the head of the bed. The ancients regarded the West as ” Paradise ” , It is a place to yearn after death. From a modern scientific point of view, this theory is inappropriate. Cover the west of the sunset, the earth rotates from east to west, and the head sleeps from west to west. For a long time, it is easy to cause blood to rush to the ear

⑦ the bottom of the bed should not be tightly connected to the ground. The bed should be ventilated and clean to prevent infection with damp air and hinder health. Do not put sundries under the bed, especially iron and glass

⑧ avoid back door in bed. When lying on the front door of the bed, you must be clear at a glance. Otherwise, you will be easily disturbed and frightened, which will affect your emotional health. The bed should not be exposed to strong light. The five senses represent the five internal organs and the eyes represent the liver. Therefore, it can stimulate the eyes and hurt the liver for a long time

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