How should the balcony be arranged at home

The balcony is the most open place in the whole house. Because it is closest to the external space, it is suffering from the sunshine, rain and air outside the house. It is the best place to receive gas in the home. Auspicious and evil spirits flow back and forth here. If we can adopt some aesthetic schemes here to achieve an effect of wind and water, it will be of great help to the health and fortune of family members. So, how should the balcony layout better meet the feng shui of living environment

I. use the partition method to resolve the adverse environment

the balcony is an important air outlet for the connection between the house and the outside world, and the air is divided into auspicious and vicious. While accepting the air, pay attention to avoiding or eliminating the adverse effects from the internal and external environment

  1. Indoors. For the interior, it’s best not to face the front door and kitchen door directly. This situation is a so-called ” Pierce the heart ” ; The bad pattern of is easy to create a situation of money coming and going and not gathering popularity for homeowners. Between the distance between the balcony and the indoor door, it’s best to make a porch cabinet for blocking air, which is separated between the door and the balcony; Or on the moving line between the balcony and the kitchen, put a cabinet or screen as a cover. When placing, you should pay attention to the principle of not affecting the actions of your family. Another way is to make a porch in the corridor from the door to the living room, which can also well resolve the adverse environment. If the indoor space is not suitable for a porch, you can pull the curtain of the landing door of the balcony for a long time, which can also play a 2 partition role

  2. From outside the room. Externally, if there are roads, corners, minarets and other shots outside the balcony, or facing hospitals and temples, measures should be taken to resolve them. The commonly used mascots include Bagua mirror, lion, turtle and copper turtle. Here we need to remind readers that if there is a house close to the balcony, the mascot will be different from other people’s Homes ” Bucket Feng Shui ” ; The situation is unfavorable to both ourselves and others. We can plant flowers and grasses on the balcony to dissolve, such as cactus, keel, jade unicorn, rose, Rhododendron, etc. one thing these plants have in common is that they have many dry stems and thorns in flowers and leaves, which can rush against those bad luck and play a good role in dissolving the town house

II. put less sundries and keep it open and bright

the balcony is an important space for the house to communicate with the outside world and an important channel for the house to receive gas, so its importance can not be ignored. Many people like to use the balcony space to stack sundries and washing machines on the balcony. This practice not only affects the beauty and comfort of the home space, but also destroys the Feng Shui journey of the family

therefore, it is best not to accumulate sundries on the balcony, and always thoroughly clean the balcony to keep it open and bright as far as possible. No matter planting plants or drying clothes on the balcony, do not block the light

for some families who are used to putting the washing machine on the balcony, it should be noted that two directions should not be put, namely, the due west direction and the northeast direction. If the washing machine is placed in the right West position, it is easy to have accidents, right and wrong and diseases; The opportunity to put laundry in the Northeast affects the family’s intestines and stomach and children’s studies. Hanging five emperor money next to the washing machine can effectively resolve it

in addition, the drainage outlet of the balcony cannot be set in the financial position in the southeast, southwest and East, which will leak money. It will be beneficial to open it in the fierce position in the West and northeast

III. there are plants on the balcony in the southeast

usually the balcony is relatively open and the sunlight is also sufficient, so many people like to plant all kinds of colorful flowers and plants on the balcony

experts say that whether the balcony is suitable for planting green plants has a lot to do with the specific location. The balcony in the southeast is the most suitable for planting plants. Wenchang is located in the southeast, while Wenchang Camptotheca acuminata. Therefore, there can be a variety of tall and strong plants with large and green leaves on the balcony in this location, which is especially beneficial to people engaged in civil work such as writing and planning

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