How much impact does the mirror in the bathroom have on residential Feng Shui

Mirrors have a very important and special significance in Feng Shui, and the frequency of mirrors in the house is very high, especially in the bathroom. Basically, mirrors appear in the bathroom of every family. Do you know what impact these mirrors will have on residential Feng Shui

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how much impact does the mirror in the bathroom have on residential Feng Shui

here we will briefly introduce the Feng Shui problem of mirrors in the bathroom and the impact of mirrors on residential Feng Shui

1. Mirror to door: the door of the bathroom is also an air inlet, so if the mirror to the door, it will cause serious damage to the Feng Shui gas field in the bathroom. Because the gas field brought into the door directly impacts on the mirror, and the reflection of the mirror will reflect the gas field out. Such a hedge will cause strong damage to the gas field in the bathroom and even disorder the gas field in the house

2. Mirror to toilet: in Feng Shui, it is considered that the filth in the toilet is very strong, and most of the filth in the toilet comes from the toilet. Therefore, if the mirror to the toilet, the filth in the toilet will accumulate continuously, and the suppression effect of the mirror has a strong restraint on the filth of the toilet, so this layout can reduce the filth in the house, However, it is not conducive to wealth, because the five elements of the toilet belong to water and are in charge of wealth, so the mirror facing the toilet will bring some damage to wealth

in addition, in the bathroom, the faucet, shower head and other five elements are also water, so looking at the mirror will have a certain impact on the financial luck of the house

therefore, the mirror has a great impact on the feng shui of the house, because Feng Shui believes that although the mirror can block and reflect the evil spirit, it can also reflect other gas fields. Therefore, the mirror in the bathroom must pay attention to its Feng Shui, otherwise it is easy to damage the feng shui of the house

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