What should Feng Shui pay attention to in garden decoration

As long as the place allows, it is a livable choice to see the garden and bring the garden indoors. It is necessary to decorate the garden with Feng Shui. Zeng Guofan said: ” The triangle hill behind the old seedling field is the main road from zhushanwan to my home. The man once said to his fourth brother that he would change the road to ‰, build a small bridge over tanshanzui and cross it from the bean soil row. The Triangle Hill is planted with more bamboo trees, connected with ‰ big maple in Xintang on the top and big rattan bag in tanshanzui on the bottom. It is very tight, and my family is more angry. I hope you will think carefully” ;

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Feng Shui for garden decoration

Feng Shui for home garden decoration

home garden is a wide entrance. It not only condenses the vitality absorbed by the residential door, but also helps the residential door absorb external Qi through the five element decoration in the home garden, which is different from the orientation of the residential door, and combines with the orientation of the door to form a perfect Feng Shui layout

for greening and waterscape in the feng shui of household gardens, it is best to use plants with thick leaves and wide edges, such as Fugui bamboo, Phnom Penh Fugui bamboo, dripping Guanyin, apple green and other easy to grow plants. The shape of the home garden is not as square as the whole house shape in the home environment. If the shape of the garden is too narrow or irregular, it is bound to affect the squareness and practicality of the whole home. In this way, it does not conform to the eight directions and eight positions in the principle of Feng Shui, which will have an adverse impact on the family

the garden should be on the left; First of all, standing at the door and looking out, no matter what kind of home garden is best designed in the left hand direction, why do you say so? Because there has been the saying of left Green Dragon and right white tiger in Feng Shui since ancient times. Since the left hand is the green dragon position, this position must be clean, natural, full of vitality and upward vitality, and the existence of home garden can just meet this. It’s a happy occasion to be a young dragon. If the design is on the right hand side, it means that the white tiger has won the position and power. The white tiger has been a bad star since ancient times. Second, greening and waterscape must be done in the garden. Here we should remind you that it is best not to plant thorny plants, such as aloe vera, cactus, cactus, etc., because after a long time, thorny plants tend to be vicious, which will affect the health of their families. It is best to plant with thick leaves and wide edges, such as Fugui bamboo, Phnom Penh Fugui bamboo, dripping Guanyin, apple green and other easy to grow plants

the shape of the home garden should be square. In addition, the shape of the home garden should not be as square as the whole house shape in the home environment, but the home garden should not be ” Green path ” , The feeling of being too narrow or irregular, because many developers give balconies, household gardens and so on. In fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, if the shape of the household garden is too narrow or irregular, it is bound to affect the integrity and practicality of the whole home. In this way, it is inconsistent with the eight aspects and eight positions in the principle of Feng Shui, which will have an adverse impact on the family

General garden decoration Feng Shui

1. The shape of the yard

the villa garden or front yard can be used as a Ming hall in Feng Shui. Naturally, it is better to be square. In order to meet this requirement, the fence should be parallel to the roof. Otherwise, if the shape of the yard is uneven, the stored gas cannot be balanced and it is difficult to become auspicious gas

however, if the yard is very large, such as a huge mansion with a deep garden, or the house is located in a large pasture orchard, and there is a long distance from the entrance of the yard to the door of the house, there is no need to adhere to this standard

2. The value of bamboo fence and wooden fence

compared with the wall made of bricks and stones, the effect of bamboo fence or the wall separated by wooden fence is of course a little worse, but an inch has its advantages and a ruler is short. This kind of fence still has its value. The land in a metropolis is narrow and thick. Even if there is a yard, it is often only as big as a palm. When the yard is very small, the dense enclosure will limit the flow of air, but it is not as good as the easily ventilated bamboo fence or wooden fence

3. Necessity of enclosure

in ancient times, when people talked about Feng Shui in Yangzhai, they paid attention to the backer, sand on the left and right, and case mountain in front, which can hide wind and gather gas. In terms of modern living environment, there are too few places that can naturally have such conditions. Fortunately, the wall can make up for this deficiency: the wall in the backyard can be used as a backer, the walls on both sides can be used as sand, and the wall in front is naturally a case mountain

if the terrain around the house has closed to ” There is a barrier ” ; The wall can be the icing on the cake; If there is more space around, the existence of the wall is more necessary

4. The fence in the front yard can block the evil spirit outside the house. Most of the evil spirit comes towards the gate. If there is a fence in the front yard, the evil spirit must pause here. If the spirit is frustrated, the evil spirit will be reduced by more than half. Because of the fence, there must be a ” Courtyard gate ” ;. Stagger the gate of the courtyard and the gate. The two are not in the same straight line. The evil spirit can not drive straight in. It can also become a lucky spirit that can prosper the family after detours and turns

5. The height of the fence

the fence of the yard should not be too high. Although the too high fence has a good effect on wind and brake prevention, it will hinder the flow of air. In particular, if the fence in the front yard is higher than the gate, it will hinder the air inlet and make the house fall into ” Stagnation of Qi ” ; The plight of. If the house is surrounded by walls, the height needs to be carefully considered. This practice will isolate the gas field of the house from the natural gas field, and the result is as lifeless as a pool of stagnant water. A fence like this is better than none

what is the appropriate height? It has a lot to do with the size of the yard. The smaller the yard is, the closer the fence is to the gate, the higher it cannot be. However, even if there is a considerable distance from the gate, it is best not to exceed the height of the gate, so as to avoid poor air intake and adverse effect

6. There is a lot of stress in planting trees in the garden. It is necessary to choose suitable tree species. People think that the trees that can bring good luck are mainly orange trees, orange trees, persimmon trees, etc. This is because ” Orange ” ; And ” Ji ” ” Orange ” ; And ” Gan ” ” Persimmon ” ; And ” Gift ” ; Homonyms are auspicious and upward. So people regard them as auspicious trees. Another example is planting apricots in the courtyard and pomegranate trees in front of the window; Ginkgo trees are planted outside the walls, and Wutong trees are behind the houses. In some courtyards, apple, pear, jujube, hawthorn, Chinese toon and cherry are planted, which can not only enjoy flowers, but also get fruits, killing two birds with one stone; Some plant locust trees, which are tall and do not attract insects. They have dense shade and wide area. Under the trees, they can become a cool treasure land

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