Feng Shui problems needing attention in floor pavement

In home decoration, the floor is a very important environment, floor color, material, floor pavement and so on. The floor will run through our whole house. If there is a problem with the floor pavement, it will also affect the Feng Shui environment and the development of family fortunes in all aspects. The paving of the floor can not be casual, and there are many Feng Shui problems that need our attention

the color of the floor should be darker

the floor is equivalent to the ground in the home, while the ceiling is equivalent to the sky. Feng Shui pays attention to balance, so the color of the floor should be darker. If the color of the floor is lighter, it is easy to be top heavy. This is a big taboo in Feng Shui, which will also make Feng Shui at home chaotic. It is more difficult for people to have good luck when living in such an environment. So we should pay attention when paving the floor to avoid many adverse effects

the wood grain of the floor should be inward

now many people prefer wooden floors when decorating their houses, which are more natural and more comfortable. Wood flooring generally has some wood grain. When paving the floor, we should pay attention to it. We need to make the wood grain tend to face the home rather than the door. If the wood grain goes straight to the door, the Feng Shui in the home will be damaged. In addition, it also implies the outflow of money, forming the situation of money loss and leakage. The money in the family is lost quickly, but the income is not a problem, and the family life will be affected. In fact, many people do not notice this problem when paving wooden floors, which will bring many adverse effects

the paving floor should be flat

the paving of the floor must be flat without unevenness or inclination. The flat floor shows that our home transportation can be smooth, and the fortunes of our families can develop stably and smoothly. If the floor at home is not flat, it will affect the development of home transportation, and will encounter many obstacles and problems. The development of the family will also have many setbacks, and it is difficult to succeed smoothly. On the other hand, foreigners will also bump during daily walking, especially the elderly and children are more likely to fall and get injured, which has many potential safety hazards. We should pay more attention to this when paving the floor

the floor should be antiskid and waterproof

if the floor at home is too smooth, it will increase the risk of people falling. People are in a very relaxed state at home. If they are always afraid of falling and their spirit is in a tense state, it is difficult to relax, and there will be emotional problems. In addition, the floor in the home should be waterproof, especially when you go back to the south, you can avoid the wet ground, and it also helps to prevent families from falling. You can choose more waterproof floors when decorating

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