Where is Wenchang in 2020

As the saying goes ” Feng Shui turns ” , If you want to make your family life better, you need to make rational use of Feng Shui aura. For example, if there are candidates at home, you need to improve the Wenchang transportation at home as much as possible. If you want to improve the Wenchang transportation, the first thing to know is where the Wenchang position is this year, and then consider how to use the Wenchang position to strengthen the Wenchang transportation

1. Where is Wenchang in 2020

according to the change of the orientation of the Jiugong flying star in 2020, the position of Wenqu star in this year is southwest, which is also called Wenchang star, so its position is Wenchang in this year, that is, southwest. Wenchang in 2020 is located in the southwest. If you want to improve the Wenchang transportation at home, you need to strengthen the Wenchang transportation in the southwest as much as possible. For example, placing [one Feng Shui Feng Yi Rong GUI] ornaments in the southwest can strengthen the Wenchang transportation

  2. How to make use of Wenchang’s prosperous transportation

placing ornaments can further improve Wenchang’s Wenchang transportation, but how to make use of these Wenchang transportation? The simplest way is to move the examinee’s study directly to the southwest, or let the examinee’s bedroom be in the southwest. In this way, it can continuously strengthen the Wenchang movement, which will be of great help to the academic performance and examination of this year. However, there are many Feng Shui taboos in the process of using the Wenchang position and prosperous movement, which must be paid more attention to

  3. Feng Shui taboo of Wenchang position

in the introduction to Feng Shui, it is believed that the Feng Shui position should not be pressed, dirty, dirty, etc. for example, it is not good to have a heavy wardrobe, bed, sofa, etc. on the Wenchang position, and it is also bad to place garbage cans or accumulate too many sundries in the southwest, which will destroy the Wenchang transportation of Wenchang position, so this year is also the focus of your attention

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